Top 15 Scary Halloween Sounds from YouTube

Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:28

Are you throwing a party on this Halloween Eve or making a video for your friends? What you need is some creepy and annoying sounds. These scary Halloween sounds can be shrills of a woman or a sound effects of a movie. But everything depends upon for what you need that sound? For example: If you are throwing a party, apart from the music, you will need some not so loud yet creepy and annoying sounds. However, if you are editing a video, your choice is vast and you can use whatever kind of sound suits perfectly for your video.

There are thousands of scary Halloween sounds available on the Internet but most of them are either annoying yet scary or will cost you some bucks. One of the best sources to get free Scary Halloween sounds is the YouTube where you will find most of sound tracks from different movies or annoying sounds of child, woman or a cat.

Top 15 Spooky Halloween Sounds

halloween sounds

#1. Insidious Sound Effects:

Insidious is one of the scariest movies of all time. The best part about this movie is the sound effects used in it which will leave chills down your spine.
YouTube address:

#2. Horror Sound:

This video doesn't have a single horror effect but it contains different voices such as the weird sounds of a baby talking and some shrills.
YouTube address:

#3. Torture Chamber:

As the name of the video indicates, it really has the creepiest and annoying voices that you want to incorporate in a Halloween video. From the sounds of water dropping and torture to the annoying sounds of mouse walking, it has them all.
YouTube address:

#4. Screaming Sound:

This video is all about screaming, so, before the viewer start screaming, you can add some screaming sounds to scare everyone out.
YouTube address:

halloween soundtrack

#5. 70 Minutes of Horror Sounds:

This video is a little different from all other videos because it doesn't have only single sound but has more than one hour and seventeen minutes of continuous ear- terrorizing sounds.
YouTube address:

#6. Werewolf Forest Horror sound effects:

The sounds of a scaring wolf and the raining make it perfectly suitable for the Halloween. While listening to this sound, you will really feel like sitting in a forest.
YouTube address:

halloween sound effects

#7. Shortest Scariest Sound:

Looking for a perfect yet short scary sound for your Halloween Eve? This is what you should download, from the sounds of wolves and scary laughs, it has everything.
YouTube address:

#8. Horrifying Shrills:

This clip already shows that it is not suitable for sensitive people, all it has is shrills and annoying sounds of a woman.
YouTube address:

#9. Risada Macabra:

This video only has a scary yet kind of creepy laugh of Risada Macabra.
YouTube address:

scary halloween sounds

#10. Panic Music:

Nothing is scarier than a combination of Scary and suspenseful sound track. Both of them combined form the Panic music. It is a perfect sound for a creepy Halloween Eve.
YouTube address:

#11. Creaking Door Opening:

As the name of the sound indicates, this clip is all about a creaking door opening. So, if there is a scene in your movie in which a door is opening, get this sound.
YouTube address:

#12. Wind Cold Scary Sound Effect:

This is the sound of wind blowing and it can be used for both as a scary or a cold wind blowing effect in a video.
YouTube address:

halloween scary sounds

#13. Halloween Sound Montage:

A soundtrack full of horrifying, creepy, annoying and scary sounds of different kinds from weeping of a child to an adult laughs and roaring of wolves.
YouTube address:

#14. Blood Form:

A complete torture for your ears, annoyance, creepiness and terrifying sounds, what else do you need for Halloween. This soundtrack is completely not suitable for the children.
YouTube address:

#15. Title Track of Halloween Movie:

A list of scary sounds is incomplete without the most famous Halloween movie, yes, although this doesn't have the screams or wolves roaring but still it doesn't ease the ears.
YouTube address:

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