How to Delete Apps on Windows Phone

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:27:11

There may be any reason why you would want to know how to delete apps on windows phone. You may want to free up a little storage space on your phone or simply the app you want to delete is no more useful to you. Regardless of the reason, the process that is required for deleting any app is not intuitive. It may seem a bit difficult especially for beginners or for the first time users of windows phone. But, deleting apps on windows phone is quick and extremely simple. When you will remove an app from your device, all the information related to that app will be deleted from your smartphone altogether.

Part 1. How to Delete Apps on Windows Phone

This easy-to-follow guide will clearly instruct you on how to delete apps on windows phone. The instructions are given along with the specific screenshots in order to make the whole process immensely easy to decipher. So, find out how it works.

Step-By-Step Guide to Delete Apps on Windows Phone

Step 1. First of all, go to your Apps list and locate the app which you want to delete or uninstall from your device. There will be several apps on this list. You can delete as many apps you want to. But you cannot delete multiple apps together and would need to delete one app at a time.

go to Apps list

Step 2. After deciding on which app or apps you want to delete, you need to tap and hold the app. Keep holding the option until a contextual menu appears. The pop-up menu will show several options to choose from. Click "Uninstall".

click uninstall

Step 3. The device will once again confirm whether you actually want to uninstall the particular app or not. If you have not changed your mind and still want to continue deleting the app, then click "yes" or you can also click "no" if your decision is somehow changed.

delete appas on windows phone

These steps will help you to delete all those apps which are unnecessarily filling the storage space of your phone.

Part 2. How to Wipe Windows Phone Remotely

Your expensive smartphones are very likely to get snatched or stolen because they can be concealed easily and then resold. So, in order to sidestep any chance of smartphone robbery, it is advised to activate a remote-wipe service on your device.

For windows phone, there is a feature in your phone called "Find My Phone" which can be used to lock or wipe your device remotely. This free service can be found under the section "My Phone" on If you want to activate the locking and erasing of your phone data remotely, then go through these instructions

Step-By-Step Guide to Wipe Windows Phone Remotely

Step 1. On your computer, navigate to "Your Devices" at Microsoft.

Step 2. If you have no account here, then create a Microsoft account because you will have to sign in at this page via your Microsoft account. This account will be the same that you usually use to sign in on your windows phone. After signing in, click on "Find My Phone".

sign in and click on find my phone

Step 3. On the right side of your screen, you will see three options to select from. From these three options, click on "Erase".

click on erase

Step 4.When you are about to set up "Find My Phone", you will have to verify your phone number. You can do it by checking the "I authorize…" statement given in the box. After this, tap on "Done".

check the statement in the box and tap on done

Step 5. When you have clearly made your mind that you want to reset or erase your phone, confirm it by checking on the box- Yes! Erase my phone immediately. Then, click "erase". But note that, these steps cannot be undone.

check on the box and click erase

Step 6. If you will properly follow all the above-mentioned instructions, your phone will be appropriately erased and then it will reset back to its factory setting. Then, finally click "OK".

wipe windows phone remotely

So, now you have successfully learned how to wipe your windows phone remotely. But always remember that you cannot undo the permanent erasing once it is successfully done, therefore make sure that you actually want to do it. Using the Find my Phone feature, you can effectively ring, lock or erase your phone to enhance its safety. This is a location-based service which will not work when your phone is off or when its battery is dead.

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