Top 5 Free Video Recording and Editing Software

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:41

Everyone loves to capture videos and photos to record the precious moments of their lives. In case of smartphones and tablets, there are many video recording and editing apps available on Google Play and Apple Play stores. When it comes to software used in recording and editing the videos for windows, they are also available in large numbers. The high quality software offer support for recording high quality videos too. The list of software applications also contain a number of other features apart from recording and editing as well. Many of the software support only recording of high quality videos and others contain both the features of recording and editing so here are the top 5 free video recording and editing software listed down to make things easier for you.

Best free video recording and editing software


1) SmartPixel

The SmartPixel is one of the best video recording and editing software and is capable of creating some high quality videos so that you can then upload them on YouTube. The D3D recording mode is very unique in itself as it allows you to record all the PC games’ screens and audios. The editing is so fast and reliable that you can easily create 1080p HD high quality videos without any much effort. This SmartPixel software has the best cutting and editing feature which allows you to edit your captured videos in no time. There are also many other options available like trimming, cutting, merging video clips, adding background music and much more. If you want to add spice to your videos then there are a variety of different filters and sound clips available to make your videos more interesting than ever too. The software can convert the video into different formats too so that the video can be played on any device.


2) ScreenFlow

With ScreenFlow, it has become very easy to capture high quality videos with retina displays. It allows you to capture anything and everything you want. It can capture the whole screen but encode only those areas where any activity is happening to keep the size of the file very low. The video editing tool is very powerful with ScreenFlow offering a variety of editing tools to enhance the beauty of your recordings. You can pan and zoom, control sound, trim clips, add drop shadow and reflection and do a lot more. Different audio & video filters, transitions, callouts, annotations and many more editing features are also the part of this amazing software. You can also add closed captions to your videos by using the caption editing tool. After editing the recordings, you can easily convert your videos into different video formats while you can also post them on different popular sites directly from the software.

Camtasia Studio

3) Camtasia Studio

The Camtasia Studio is another excellent video recorder and editor software which is very simple to use. You can record each and every activity which is happening on your screen while you edit the results in detail and save them too. A user-friendly and smooth recording environment is the best thing about the Camtasia Studio and this makes it stand out from other video recorders. An in-built recording tool is present to record the activities and it is up to you to either capture the activities happening on the screen or just focus on any particular area to capture. The recording settings are highly customizable and you can record audios while recording the videos. After recording, this tool helps you in editing your videos through variety of different tools. After you have edited the video, you can select the proper codec and the resolution size as well.


4) Movavi

Movavi is also one of the best video recording and editing software which allows you to record high quality videos in no time. You can create a movie from different videos or audios saved on your system. You can also capture screen activities, create slideshows through your pictures and can take the help of the webcam. There is also an option of improving the quality of videos by changing color settings, stabilizing the shaky effects and sharpening the blur in videos. You can also cut unwanted parts of the clip and can also join different clips to make a complete full length video. There are also many visual effects available so that you can give a unique touch to your recordings. You can use different audios to make your videos look interesting. You can record your own voice, add different background music according to the scenes or insert different audio tracks to make your own masterpiece. You can also add captions to your recordings when required anything to show the audio with the caption. More than 180 audio and video formats are supported by the software to make things easier for you. Movavi can work well with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Probably, its only downside is that it can only work with a 1.5GHz processor.

Total Recorder

5) Total Recorder

The Total Recorder is great at recording high quality videos from your system’s screen. You can also capture live videos and streaming videos while you can also record videos from different video devices. You can record any sound playing at your computer while the software is also capable of recording the sounds from the microphone or different external players. The Total Recorder software also allows you to set the time and date to capture live broadcasts as well as streaming videos so that even when you don’t have a time to see them live, you can set a schedule and record them for later viewing. The software also offers different options like volume controlling, noise cancelling, audio cleaning and a few others to provide smooth and high quality videos. With different editing tools also available, the software can trim videos and combine different video portions into one complete video as well. After the recording and editing is done, the software then allows conversion into a format of your liking as well.

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