Top 10 Screen Recorder Software for Windows, Mac and iPhone

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:42

For over ten years, we have been creating tutorials and technology guides. During this period, we have come across a number of free screen recorders as well as paid record screen software. Whether you want to troubleshoot or record a game play video, there are several screens recording software that you can consider for this purpose. This article brings you comprehensive reviews of top 10 screen recorder software for windows, Mac and iPhone.

Top 5 Screen Recorder Software for Windows and Mac

There are many recording software on the market. Coming up with this list was not easy at all. Most of them are very common and you might have used them at some point.


1. Camstudio

There is no doubt that Camstudio is among the best screen recording software. The open source recording software comes for free. With this software, you can record any PC screen using AVI or flash formats. The AVI format offers clearer videos when compared to the flash format. On the other hand, the flash format is the best when it comes to decreasing the size of the videos you have recorded. Therefore, it is upon you to decide whether you want high quality videos or the small bandwidth videos using these two formats.


2. Ezvid

If you have been looking for the simplest recording software, then you should not look beyond Ezvid. The software allows you to record games, applications, maps as well as videos. In addition to screen recording, the software has a number of features including screen drawing, speed control, voice synthesis as well as voice recording among others. These features make the software an all -in-one tool that you can use in recording as well as editing your videos without any hassle. The software also comes with a very powerful inbuilt video editor that you can use to make speed changes, add texts, add images slides and re-arrange your videos for more fun.


3. Jing

If you want software with capturing as well as recording features then you should consider Jing. Although the software does not come with very many features as you would expect, it does very well in whatever it was created to do. The software allows you to record, edit as well as share screen shots. Only need to select the region or window on you want recorded and the application will do the rest on your behalf. The software records everything you will do as well as see. The features provided with this software make it ideal for designing tech support kind of videos.


4. Sceenr

Unlike the other screen software we have discussed above, Sceenr is web based software that applies JAVA. You can use this software on different operating systems as long as they are compatible with JAVA. You only need to click on the recoding button to capture your screen, voice as well as share the link over the internet.


5. LICEcap

Winding up our list of top five record screen software for Mac and windows, LICEcap is bandwidth friendly software that will impress you. The software offers you with AVI and FLV among other video formats that you can use to create as well as share videos. You can also use the GIF image format to create short instructional videos and then upload them on your blog.

Top 5 Screen Recorder Software for iPhone

Screen recording is among the most interesting phenomena that have attracted the attention of many IPhone owners. To enjoy screen recording experience, here is a list of the top screen Top five screen recorder software for iPhone.

Web Demo

6. Web Demo

Web Demo is a state of art software developed by App crawler. If you want work to be done very fast, then you need to install this software on your device right away. The software is very simple making it ideal for first time users. You can use to create, edit as well as share videos with friends without spending hours to learn how it functions.

Unlimited screen recorder free

7. Unlimited screen recorder free

As the name of the software suggests, unlimited screen recorder free does not have any limit when it comes to screen recording. The ease to use software is slightly sophisticated to ensure that users get the best experience when using it for different functions. The state of art features make it to stand out from the rest of the applications on the market. You can download at no cost and enjoy the experience it can offer in terms of creating videos, editing and sharing them with some of your close friends and family members.


8. Telecine

Have you ever heard about Telecine? Telecine software has been designed carefully to ensure that you record videos, edit and share them as soon as you launch it. This implies that you will not waste time all in the name of configuration once you decide to get this application on your IPhone. The software comes with state of art features to enable have the best experience when using it during different occasions. The application is so simple such that you do not require the guidance of someone to use do create videos, edit and share them.

One shot screen shot recorder

9. One shot screen shot recorder

The state of art application comes with very many desirable features that will make you to fall in love with it even more. One shot screen shot recorder is one of the applications that you should never doubt its effectiveness because it has been designed to meet your recording needs. The ease of use and features of this software make it worth consideration.

ILOS screen recorder

10. ILOS screen recorder

ILOS screen recorder is easy to install software with a number of attractive features. The application requires less space making it ideal for anyone who wants recording software that he or she can keep permanently. You only need to download and install it on your device to get started. In conclusion, there are several screens recording software for Mac, windows and iPhone. A good number of them are free while others require payment. To enjoy create videos, editing and sharing them with others, you can consider any of the applications we have discussed.

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