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Be ready to start receiving Christmas greetings and warm wishes from family members, friends and even your old acquaintances. Yes, the 2015 Christmas day is just around the corner. We take lots of videos, pictures and many other clips during this season. You will easily fill your Android or iPhone memory space.

Christmas messages are always brief and to the point, but are highly valued. Probably, this is the reason why you should consider to backup Christmas messages from iPhone or Android devices to Mac or PC.  MobileTrans for Mac (or MobileTrans for Windows) provides you with the best way to backup Christmas messages from iPhone or Android devices. This is an easy to use solution for transferring photos, videos, music, contacts, SMS text messages, calendar, call history and apps with just a click.

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Why Choose This Phone Transfer:

  • Backup and restore tool
    You can easily backup phone data into your PC and then restore them to other phones latter. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nokia Phone or an Android phone it allows you to back all your data safely.
  • Retrieve data from iCloud Backup
    This app supports the retrieval of data from iCloud backups and allows you to transfer messages, calendar, contacts, videos, music, photos and more directly to your personal phone.
  • Transfer iTunes to your phone
    MobileTrans for Mac allows you to transfer music as well as playlists from iTunes to your Android phone, iPod touch, Symbian phone, iPad or iPhone. It can also be used to retrieve the iTunes backup and transfer videos, messages, contacts, music, calendar and more.
  • Data recovery to phone
    You can retrieve data to your phone freely. Once you have backed up the data, you will actually be able to recover contacts, videos, music and more to your phone.

Step By Step Guide on How to Backup Christmas Messages from iPhone or Android Devices

Step 1: Launch Phone Transfer

Install MobileTrans for Mac and then launch it. You will see the "Backup Your Phone" tab with an explanation which advises you to back up your phone data and files to your computer. Click this tab.

Step 2. Connect iPhone or Android to Your Computer

Connect your iPhone or Android device with a USB cable. Your phone data will be shown on the program’s interface.

Step 3. Backup Christmas Messages from Phone

Check the data you want, in this case, text messages and then click "Start Copy" in order to Backup Christmas messages to Mac. This stage is really simple to manage and in case you forget to select the text message box, you can still go back and do it later.

The time it takes to complete backup depends on the size of your Christmas text messages and the state of your phone. Later, you will be able to access your messages on Mac.

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