Top 5 Funny Camera Apps for iOS Devices (including iPhone 8)

How to take funny photos with your iPhone? Here is a list of top 5 fun camera apps for iPhone which can easily create and edit your photo in a fun way.
Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:05

It could be pretty fun to shoot photos with your iPhone 7 or iPad Mini. There are many funny camera apps on the iOS App Store that you can use to shoot funny photos or to make your photos funny. Here is the list of the top 6 funny camera apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod (take iPhone 8 for example). The free funny photo app is all for fun:

Part 1. Recommended: Make Funny Videos with Photos - Filmora Video Editor

If you have a doze of photos on your iPhone, you can turn them to funny photos or collect them into a video. And you can add background music to make it looks great. Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) allows you to make a professional video with photos, songs, as well as video clips. It is fully compatible with all the popular photo, video and audio formats. And it comes with a range of features, enabling you to make great videos within minutes: face-off, hand picked titles, transitions, overlays, filters, intro/credit, background songs, motion graphics, and more.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

  • It provides you with best funny face effect.
  • You can make funny video and edit video with multiple editing tools.
  • You can apply more than 300 effects to personalize your video.
  • It can edit video from various camera, phones or other devices.

Part 2. Top 5 Funny Camera Apps for iOS Devices

#1. Fun Camera

funny camera for iPhone 3gs/4/4s

How about adding smoke to the head of your friend? Make a photo your hands holding a burning fire? Fun Camera is a free iOS camera app which you can take photos with overlay real-time effects. There are some interesting elements you can use to make funny photos. It even supports you to combine the original photo and edited photo to get a much funnier one. It's a friendly Ios app with Facebook which you can share your fun directly within the app.

#2. iSwap Faces

funny camera for iPhone 5s/5c

iSwap Faces is very common to add funny effect to faces in photos. And iSwap Faces is just such a kind of funny iPhone camera which you can use to swap two faces in a photo, place the masks over faces and more. Similar as Fun Camera above, this one also allows you to share your fun photo via Facebook and twitter.

#3. Morfo 3D Face Booth

funny camera for iPhone 5

3D photos now have gained more and more attention. And Morfo 3D Face Booth is a 3D photo camera for you to take and create 3D face photo with any ordinary photo. For example, you can edit a photo of yours, a friend, your pet, celebrity etc. and make a 3D face in a fun way like making your 3D face haed bang to rock music. It's available to email or upload your 3D creation to facebook.

#4. Funny Camera

funny camera for iPhone 6 plus

Funny Camera is available to make funny photos with photos from the iPhone gallery or take a new photo with the built-in iPhone camera and make it a funny one. The Funny Camera enables you to change the hairstyles, hats, ears, noses, wyes, mouths, beards and more. Photo rotation, enlargement etc. are supported, too.

#5. Camera Fun Pro

funny camera for iPhone 6

Camera Fun Pro makes your iPhone a camera phone full of fun. It's easy to shoot photos even videos in a fun way with some really funny photo effects offered. "(This iPhone fun camera will) keeps you taking pictures and have fun all the time" said by those over 1.7+ million users.

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