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1. How to Add iPhone E-mail Attachments (Photos)

As with other iOS devices, iPhone (iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s included) allows you to attach photos easily to your emails. You can open your photo album and select any photo to share via email: tap and hold on the photo until you see the pop-up window where you can choose send the photo by emailing somebody.

If you wanna attach multiple photos to your iPhone email, you can also open the photos app, tap on the Share icon, and select your photos. (You can only choose up to 5 images.) tap on Share and choose email to run the Mail app on your iPhone, This way, you can see a new message telling you that the photos have been attached.

To attach more than five photos, you need to do in another way: choose copy -> paste the selected images into your iPhone email. But this limits the file size.

Note: you will get full-resolution images as your iPhone (iOS 9 supported) email attachments if you use copy/paste method to send photos, and the quality of the images will be reduced if you choose Share function. (Since it's very similar to make iPhone Email attachments with iPad attachments, you can also read this How-To tips to get more clues: How to add, send and open iPad email attachments)

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2. How to Save iPhone E-mail Attachments on the Device

It’s kind of easy to open iPhone Email attachments even you received PDFs, documents or Office files. You can view them directly within the Mail app. But there is no way to natively save your attachments except images.

In order to achieve this aim, you have two options: jailbreak your iPhone (not introduced here) or install an iPhone app.

Note: This works only when you check your emails using a web browser.

The third party app is named Downloads Lite, install and open it -> then open your email account vis your web browser -> open the email attachments -> then you will see the URL of the iPhone email attachment, copy it -> run Downloads Lite -> tap on the Downloads icon -> tap on the + icon then enter the URL of the attachment -> choose "Address" input -> tap on the paste button to enter the attachment URL -> Done. After that, your iPhone attachments would be downloaded on the device -> open the file from the Downloads or Files menu.

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How do you get rid of downloaded attachments
How can I save a photo attachment of an email I receive in my Photos album on IPad 2? Is there an App I can download to enable me do that. Been trying to do that for a while now. Any help?
When I send pictures with my iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 plus, the recipient can not download ("Download all") the pictures they come up large within the email. On my old iPhone 5 (same iOS) the pictures send and the recipient receives them as thumbnails at the bottom of the email and it gives the option of downloading them individually or "Download all". I am a realtor and I have to have this since I send pictures several times a day for reports to the foreclosure lenders.
Is there any app now for I phone that I can send multiple documents in an email. I'm in sales and I need to be able to email multiple documents to customers. If I phone is going to be a business friendly phone this needs to be an option. Thanks for anyone's help on this.
Hi, if you can not see an attachment button, you can refer to the following solution:
I do not see an attachment button
Can you please explain which attachment app do you use.
How can I save a photo attachment of an email I receive in my Photos album on IPad 2? Is there an App I can download to enable me do that.
Johnlukas 939
awesome post , thanks for the info , i use the iattachment app, didnt know there was another way around .Thanks

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