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The .wmv format is the flagship video format used in Windows operating systems. Since most people nowadays have their computers running various versions of the Windows OS, the use of videos encoded in the .wmv format has been continually growing. That is why some video editors who opt to use Mac may possibly encounter the inability to handle these .wmv files in their computers. Video editing tools for the Mac such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro can't work well with .wmv videos.

There are however, some workarounds one can consider when needing to edit .wmv videos using a Mac. Perhaps the best of all these solutions is to use a video editor which can import the .wmv files you need to edit, along with many other file formats that the major video editing tools in Mac just can't import. One of the most highly-recommended of these third-party video editing tools for Mac is the Filmora Video Editor or Windows– one app in a wide range of high-quality tools and utilities for those operating Mac computers. With its ease of use and compatibility with several video formats including the .wmv format that major video editing tools in Mac can't work with, it's the best solution for those who need to edit videos encoded in formats not natively supported by Mac. Its flexibility in handling video formats is perhaps the best feature it has that sets it apart from any video editing tool you can use on Mac computers.

wmv video editor

Edit WMV video files on Mac and PC effortlessly!

Easily make movies, edit audio, apply effects and share your new movie on YouTube, Facebook, TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and more.

  • Supports an array of video/audio/photo formats.
  • Makes it a breeze to edit video including trim, crop, rotate, transition, voiceovers, etc.
  • Includes 150 effects like mosaic blur, tilt-shift, face-off, particle, fire…
  • Directly share video to YouTube or save video to DVD or hard drive.

Part 1: WMV Eidtor: How to Rotate WMV Video File on Mac/Windows

Once imported, you can virtually do anything you want with your .wmv videos. One thing you can do is make certain adjustments by rotating them to make them look the way you want them to in your final product. Just locate the video you want to rotate on the editor's timeline and click on it. Afterwards, click on the "Rotate" button just above the timeline. Clicking on it will give you access to four buttons located just below the video preview in the editing window. You can either rotate your .wmv video by 90 degrees counterclockwise or clockwise or flip it vertically or horizontally. With these options you can rotate your videos a full circle or flip it vertically for upside down effects you may want to use.

rotate wmv video 

Part 2: WMV Eidtor: How to Join WMV Video Clips on Mac/Windows

It is important to note that the Filmora Video Editor will automatically keep your videos joined and without gap once you import them, so basically there would be no reason for you to bother much about merely merging your videos for continuous and fluid flow of your resulting video. You are, however, given options on how you would like to handle the transitions between the videos you have just imported. These options come in the form of transition effects and other effects that can make up your resulting video's intro or credits part.

To add transition effects, simply drag and drop them to the timeline or storyboard located in the lower portion of the video editor's window. You may also tweak your videos and arrange them in different sequences by dragging and dropping on them in the timeline while iSkysoft still keeps them joined together.

merge wmv video 

Part 3: WMV Eidtor: How to Cut WMV Video File on Mac/Windows

A .wmv video you may have imported has scenes that you would probably want to cut. You can do this with much ease using Filmora Video Editor. Right at the timeline, select the .wmv clip that you want to edit by highlighting on it. Proceed by clicking the "Cut" icon or button, represented by an image of a scissor found in the middle tool bar. The editing window will appear afterwards.

Begin editing your .wmv clip by clicking on the blue cut button just below the progress bar. This will give you access to the cutting handles which will allow you to mark the start point and the end point of a segment in the clip that you want to retain. You may click on the blue cut button again to make another segment. You can do make as much segments as you want, leaving out all the details and scenes you wouldn't want to appear in your resulting clip.

cut wmv video 

Part 4: WMV Eidtor: How to Apply Effects to WMV Video File on Mac/Windows

To add special video effect to your WMV video file, double click the video clip to open the editing window. You can go to "Effect" tab to turn your own WMV video into a unique and incredible movie. And if your videos are too dark to watch, you can adjust the video brightness in the "Video" tab of the same editing window.

edit wmv video 

Part 5: WMV Eidtor: More You Can Do to Personalize the WMV Video

The tips you have read earlier in this article were just the basic ones that you'll have to learn to get around Filmora Video Editor without any big problem to bother you. Just as with Apple's major video editing software, you can take steps even further to personalize your videos, enrich its content, and enhance the effects to achieve the results you're expecting from your resulting video. You might, however, need to be ready as the next few tips we'll discuss are leaning towards the more professional side of video editing.

First you'll have to open the editing window by clicking on "Edit" found in the menu bar. You'll see the editing tools you might want to use:
The "Video" tool comes with a slider that allows you to speed up or slow down your .wmv clip, brighten or darken it, and increase or decrease its hue, saturation, and contrast.

You can use the pitch slider in the "Audio" tool to change the pitch. You may also adjust the volume and add fade the sounds in or out.

edit wmv video 

The "Title" tool allows you to use to add titles to your videos. There are ready-made templates that you'll just have to click on if you want to add them. Click on "Text Here" to add texts. You may also change the text's size, style, color, position, and other properties. You can also set the duration of the text's appearance by either using the "Time" icon to input the exact time or the T buttons if you're looking for faster results.

You have more than 50 effects to choose from with the "Effect" tool. Click on the effect you want to use and simply drag the "F" button to start adjusting the effect's duration. Just hit the Delete key if you want to remove them. It's that easy.

edit wmv video 

You can use other add-ons such to make your videos feel more personalized. Apply the "Tilt-Shift" by checking the option and adjusting the video by moving, resizing or rotating it using the axis found on the left window. The "Mosaic Blur" can be activated by checking the feature's option and setting the area you want to have blurred. You can click "Add" to add more blurred areas. The Percent option allows you to set your mosaic style. Lastly, the "Face-Off" feature will automatically detect the faces in your clips and add faces. Enable the "Face-Off" option and choose the face you'd like to add. The editor allows you to preview the resulting video by simply clicking the "Play" button.

Like most video editors, you can also combine these effects to make the most out of putting your own touch on the videos you make. The biggest advantage you have though by using the Filmora Video Editor is the flexibility to use a whole bunch of different video formats for editing.

Brian Fisher
Hi, would you please directly contact our customer service team and give more details about the problem to ? We will focus on the case and solve it for you. Please do not worry.
Hi! I couldnt even open my WMV files through the software! Could you tell me why?
iSkysoft Employee
Go to the Register window to make sure it's registered - with a licensed email and registration code. Then all limitations of trial version will be removed. Keep in mind that the watermark on the video created with the trial version won't removed by registration. You have to edit and create your video again.
I downloaded the converter, paid for the upgrade, but i still get the annoying watermark when I try to import the converted video into iMovie, rendering the product utterly useless. How do i get rid of the watermark?

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