Generally speaking, once plugged into your computer, no matter a PC or a Mac, your iPad then would be automatically detected by the iTunes, if iTunes has been installed on the computer. However, you sometimes may get your new iPad not connecting to iTunes, so you no longer can back up your applications and data, sync songs and movies to iPad for entertainment…If so, you can do trouble-shooting by following these instructioins.

Troubleshooting on iPad not Connecting to iTunes

iPad not connecting to iTunes
1. Make sure your iPad is recognized by your computer

Once connected to your computer, your iPad would show a small bolt of lightning in the battery meter up to the top right of the iPad screen. This tells you the iPad is charging. But what if you get a message says "Not Charging"? This means the computer has recognized your new iPad, but due to low power, you temporarily can't connect the iPad to iTunes. In this case, you need to recharge your iPad completely: plug your iPad into a wall outlet via the adapter.

connect iPad to itunes
2. Check your iPad cable

Sometimes your iPad cannot connect to iTunes due to a bad USB port or improper USB port used.

3. Reboot your computer and iPad

This is the oldest troubleshooting tricks to fix iPad not connecting to iTunes. Restart your computer and then reboot your iPad: hold the suspend button on the top of the iPad, slide the red arrow on the new iPad screen to power off the iPad, then hold the suspend button for a few seconds again to turn on the device. Now, re-plug your iPad into the computer, and now it's likely to connect iPad to iTunes successfully.

4. Reinstall iTunes

If you have checked and tried the three methods above, but in vain, you then can try to reinstall iTunes. First of all, uninstall the iTunes, this won't delete your media files including music and apps on the computer, after that, reinstall iTunes. (Recommended tip: download iTunes installation pack again to reinstall iTunes.)

iPad still cannot connect to iTunes?

Well, if you still have problems with connecting your iPad to iTunes, it then may due to your system files, drivers, or software conflicts. For example, you can temporarily shut down your anti-virus software, because it's widely known by many that anti-virus software may cause problems with other software.


If you still have problems, you'd better contact Apple Support for help: Also get help from TunesOver to transfer media files between iPad and Mac without using iTunes



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