iPhone Notes Help - Tips and Troubleshooting

To sync your iPhone 5 notes to your e-mail, you can refer to the following tips:

Syncing with MobileMe or IMAP

If your iPhone runs on iOS 4 system or higher, you can try using MobileMe or IMAP to sync your iPhone 5 notes. To do so, you can go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then enter your MobileMe or IMAP account to enable Notes Sync. To extract notes from iPhone, you can refer to how to recover iPhone Notes, Contacts, Messages and more.

If you have used MobileMe and synced your files to iPhone by iTunes, your notes will be duplicated after you finish above steps. To prevent unnecessary duplication of files, you can plug your iPhone to Mac (or Windows PC) and follow below steps:

1. Open iTunes and select “iPhone” under “Devices” tab.

2. Go to the “Info” tab.

3. Uncheck the “Sync Notes” box.

4. Delete your duplicated notes.

However, if you prefer to sync your iPhone 5 notes by iTunes, you just need to disable the syncing function on your MobileMe or IMAP account. Then you can check the “Sync Notes” box when you access your iPhone via iTunes on Mac.

Sync notes with Outlook

If there are some notes with no contents or subjects in your Outlook, it is not possible to sync notes between iPhone 5 and Outlook. To enable note syncing, you can remove the blank notes or add contents to them. In so doing, you can enable to sync Outlook notes with your iPhone.

Sync iPhone notes on Mac OS X 10.5 via Mail

If your e-mail account is configured to save notes in your inbox, you are unable to sync notes on your Mac to iPhone 5. To change this setting, you can open “Mail” on your Mac and go to “Preferences” to select “Accounts” option. Then enter your e-mail account and click on the “Mailbox” to uncheck “Store Notes in Inbox”.

Sync notes to Gmail on iPhone 5

Open both Mail and Gmail accounts. You will see a “Notes” label. If you transfer notes to your Gmail, you can view them in this label. However, this is only a one-way sync for you cannot copy any notes from Gmail in reverse way. But you can specify notes to different accounts on your iPhone. Please note that this method only works for iPhones and iPods running on iOS 4 or higher.

How can I rearrange my list of notes? I'd like to put them in alphabetical order. Thanks!
Sorry - I just found the answer to my problem, after I put on my glasses. Thanks for being here to help short sighted people like me.
I want to delete old notes from my notes file on iphone5. I have not synchronized anything, just entered notes straight on the phone. Cannot find a delete option anywhere. How do you keep the file updated?
Anne A
All your comments about Notes seem to be about synch I DO NOT want to synch, just send ONLY the notes I chose to send when I use the icon for email from within Notes
Anne A
Why doesn't the email icon work from Notes? Did a software upgrade mess with this? email appears to go through but doesn't show up in email sent folder and is never delivered
HERE is the answer for the iPhone5. Go Here: 1) Settings 2) Mail, Contacts, Calendars.... 3) Gmail 4)Here, turn notes \"OFF\". Now the notes WILL stay in ur phone and stop sending to your gmail account. Have a GOOD day!! BuzzCap7
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