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How to Export Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

Here we will share 2 ways to help you to export contactst from Windows Phone to Android devices.

How Do I Remove Apps from My Phone

Stacking unwanted apps consume space and additionally slow down the functionality of your phone, get full guide here to remove an app from phone.

3 Tips on How to Clean the Phone

Do not have any idea about how to clean the phone? No worry, here will provide an overall demonstration on cleaning a phone.

3 Tips on How to Delete Phone Calls Easily

Do you have a operative way to manage or delete your old phone calls history? Actually, it is easy to make it no matter your phone is iPhone or Android.

How to Transfer Text Messages to Excel Files

Here are tips for how to transfer text messages to excel on computer. Follow it and try to transfer your messages from phone to computer as excel files.

How to Clear Phone Easily and Completely

To protect your personal information, you need to clear phone completely before you sell, donate or recycle it. This is what this article is going to talk.

How to Flush a Phone Completely

Is your phone slow, freezing, not responsive or responding incorrectly? Then to know how to flush a phone can be the best option for resolving such issues.

2 Tips on How to Erase Your Phone

Want to erase your phone in the easiest and safest way? Then you should read this article carefully because we'll share you the right software to do that.

How to Wipe Your HTC Phone

Here we present you detailed guides to wipe your HTC phone. Go on to read this tutorial and get how to make it in one click.

Top 10 Phone Cleaner for Android and iPhone

Junk files take up a lot of storage space on your phone. To solve this problem, here lists top 10 phone cleaner for you. You can choose the best one.

How to Delete Photos from Phone

Deleting old photos from your device is one of the ways to create more space on the phone. It's recommended that you follow the tips here to do that.

How to Delete Downloads on Phone

When download files pile up, they can limit your device's memory. It's recommended that you always delete downloads on phone. Here is how to do that.

How to Delete Everything on Your Phone

Are you looking for some useful tips to delete everything on your phone recently? Don't worry, we will present it here to teach you how to do that.

How to Delete Phone Messages

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to delete messages on your Phone especially if you have too many of them. Here you can get full guides to do that.

How to Delete History on Phone

One of the ways to keep your private data on your phone private is by deleting history on phone. If you want to know how to do that, just read the article.

How to Wipe a Samsung Phone

To have a better performance on Samsung phone, you had better know the full tips on how to wipe a Samsung phone safely and completely.

How to Delete Cookies on Phone

Cookies may lead to bad performance, it's recommended that you delete cookies on phone regularly and this article can tell you how to do that.

Phone Storage is Full? Tips on How to Clear Phone Storage Easily

"Phone Storage is Full"? No worry! We can provide you different phone storage cleaner. No matter yours is Android or iPhone, you can get a solution here.

How to Delete Phone Numbers? Solved!

Are you looking for some tips on how to delete some of your phone numbers to create space? Then this article will do you a big favor.

How to Perform a Reset on Your Phone

In order to erase all data on phone, do you want to reset phone or prefer to find a better way to achieve the goal? Luckily, we have all that for you here.