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iPad Tips & Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad

iPad Tips & Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad

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May 19,2020 • Filed to: iPhone • Proven solutions

I must say that’s much easier for iOS users to type on the on-screen keyboard on iPad than on iPhone. More and more people get the most out of the new iPad, browse the internet, check emails, send emails, take notes and so on. For those who need to type up a rather lengthy paragraph, to know some keyboard shortcuts for iPad then becomes essential. Here you can get some helpful iPad Keyboard Shortcuts to type faster:

1. Get a period: tap the space bar twice in a row at the end of a sentence;

2. Need an apostrophe? iPad can check some common express like "I'm" and "can't" with its automatic spelling corrector, which will replace your “Im” “im” and ”cant” with the correct expression.

3. Want to put your sentence in quotation marks? For double quotes, you can tap and hold the question mark/period key on the keyboard for a while, and for single quotes, just tap and hold the exclamation/comma key.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

4. Wanna get begin quotes and end quotes? Go to the iPad’s number layout, tab and hold the quote or single quote key for a second, then you can get a box where you can get the beginning and ending single or double quotes.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

5. Prefer a special symbol? If you’d like an upside down exclamation or question mark, on the number layout, tap and hold the exclamation or question mark; tap and hold period key for an ellipsis.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

6. Need some special characters with accent marks such as à and è? You can tap and hold the corresponding alphabet key for a few seconds and you will see a pop up box like this:

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

7. The website URL you need type is end with “.org” rather than “.com”? Tap and hold the“.com” key for a while then you will see a box like this where you are provided some other popular TLDs like .edu, .net and .org.

ipad keyboard shortcut

10. If you use Apple iPad keyboard, you can use these iPad keyboard shortcuts:

ipad keyboard commands

To know more iPad keyboard shortcut, you can go to:

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