Top 10 Terrifyingly Scary Christmas Movies

Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:32

Christmas can be a bit more exciting, especially for adults looking for the top 10 terrifyingly awesome Christmas horror movies. A different kind of celebration creeps in and not surprisingly, it's quite different from routine horror movies.

1. The Nightmare before Christmas

christmas horror movies

Jack Skellington, the skeleton, decides to change Halloween to Christmas mood in the 1993 movie The Nightmare before Christmas. During a holiday, Jack and his group venture into Christmas Town through a portal. A high rating of 94% by Rotten Tomatoes is justified, as the movie turned into a Christmas horror classic with its many interesting characters.

2. Dead of Night

scary christmas movies

The Christmas horror movie from 1945 Dead of Night has many special scenes like Redgrave’s encounter with the ventriloquist. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a refreshing 96% rating encouraging viewers to watch the entertaining movie. It revolves around a country house guest foreseeing events involving other guests. The story combines different tales and has quite a unique ending.

3. A Christmas Horror Story

christmas horror movie

Premiered in 2015, A Christmas Horror Story is a combination of several events woven together through storytelling at a radio station. The movie receives a decent score of 71% from Rotten Tomatoes and provides a definite shift from the regular horror movie.

4. Tales from the Crypt

horror christmas movies

Among the best Christmas horror movies, Tales from the Crypt was released in 1972 and is rated 88% by Rotten Tomatoes. Separate segments make up the movie based on tales published by EC Comics. Five dead characters join a tourist group to a crypt visit finally realizing how they lived and died. The Crypt Keeper finishes his stories, and the dead disappear through the door to Hell.

5. Child's Play

best christmas horror movies

The soul of a serial killer is embedded into a child's doll in the movie Child's Play. The 1988 movie gave rise to the notorious killer doll Chucky who slashes his way around. Rotten Tomatoes gave an above average 67% rating, and followers of horror genre loved the character. Several sequels were made. Chucky terrifies people with his gory acts. The movie is definitely for those who don’t like dolls.

6. American Psycho

horror Christmas movie

Based on a novel by the same name, American Psycho is a film adaptation released in 2000 and based around a Manhattan businessman and serial killer. Rotten tomatoes reviewed it at 67% with the movie finding favor with critics. The story of a successful investment banker by day and serial killer by night is just the right recipe for a Christmas horror movie.

7. The Children

Christmas scary movies

British Christmas horror movie The Children was released in 008. It takes viewers through a series of sudden and horrifying events starting with a mysterious illness infecting the resident family’s children. What takes place is a series of deaths caused by innocent children. All the characters face uncertain death due to the mystery infection. The chilling end showing other infected children in the woods adds to the horror. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a reasonable 73% rating.

8. Gremlins

Horror movies for Christmas

A film from 1984, Gremlins is all about the pet Mogwai, a furry creature, giving way to little monster Gremlins. Billy is presented the creature by his father Randall as a Christmas present. The three rules meant to keep the Gremlins under control are broken, leading to total rampage, until the good gremlin Gizmo melts Stripe and the others. The movie has a happy ending with Gizmo staying back with Bailey. The 73% average score by Rotten Tomatoes is justified.

9. Christmas Evil

Scary movies for Christmas

A disturbed child turning into a homicidal Santa is a sure-shot recipe for evil to unfold. The 1980 release Christmas Evil creates a strong motive for Harry to build up a Bad Boys and Girls book and go about punishing people who ridiculed him. A more than decent 80% score by Rotten Tomatoes tells the story of how popular the movie was with the masses. Harry is finally recognized as the hatchet killer and forced off a bridge in his van.

10. Cronos

Christmas movies horror

The horror movie is a 1993 Mexican release on vampires and the first but not the last feature film by del Toro. Rotten Tomatoes found the movie interesting enough to arrive at an 89% rating, and most people agree. A mechanism exists which can inject a solution giving eternal life. Old Jesus Gris discovers the hollow archangel statue and is injected with the solution. He grows younger but gets a taste for blood. He finally destroys the device and dies peacefully.

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