Movie Merger: Combine Videos to Make a Movie

Movie Merger: Combine Videos to Make a Movie

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By Elva | Feb 07,2018 11:22 am

If you are looking for a movie merger to combine movies into a single one, you shouldn't miss this popular movie movie joiner. You can not only merge movies together using this program, but also control these movies by rotating, trimming, splitting, cropping, etc. It provides almost everything you might need when joining movies. Let's show more detail about this powerful movie combiner and how to merge movie files into one with it.

The Best Movie Merger - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is the best movie merger for both windows and Mac users. You can import movie clips, audios or photos from your PC or mobile device like iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, etc. Besides de the basic editing tools, you can also adjust the aspect ratio, hue, brightness, speed, saturation, contrast, and more for the movies by using Filmora Video Editor.

  • Provides all the basic editing tools you might need when combining movie clips, such as rotating, trimming, splitting, cutting and cropping.
  • You can adjust the aspect ratio, hue, brightness, speed, saturation, contrast, and more for the videos using this movie joiner.
  • When combine videos to make a movie, you might want to add some filters, overlays, animated text and titles, transitions to make the movie more special. This powerful movie file merger can achieve that.

Tutorial on How to Merge Movie Files into One

Step 1: Install and launch the program

Before launching the program, you have to make sure that you have already downloaded and installed Filmora Video Editor on your PC. after download and install you are ready for launch the program. First of all, you should double-click on the icon of the program. Then set the project aspect ratio, you can choose best aspect ratio as you like from 16:9 for WIDESCREEN, 4:3 for STANDARD. Below aspect ratio, you can see full features mode and easy mode. You can use both of them for launching the program. Now you can choose Full Feature Mode for combining movies.

Step 2: Import videos to the program

After launching the program, you should import video clips, audio clips, or photos for creating movies. First of all, just simple click the “Import Media Files Here” in the main media library area. You can also import video clips and audio clips by dragging and dropping from users file folder to the program.

Step 3: Join the videos

If you want to merge movie files into one, just drag the video clips imported before to the timeline for further editing. Now you can cut, copy, paste, split, rotates the movie clips before merging them together. You can also adjust aspect ratio, brightness, and speed etc.

Step 4: Add transitions between videos

You can add Transition between movie clips now by clicking on the “TRANSITION” button. Then you preview the effect by double click it, then drag the one you like to the middle of 2 video clips in timeline.

Step 5: Save or Export video

After finish all the editing, you are ready for export video. But you should check your processing movie on the preview windows first. Then you can click the “EXPORT” button to merge movie files into one. When the progress reaches to the finished area then you click “Target” button. Now your movie is saving to your marked folder.

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