Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan VS 10.10 Yosemite

Brian Fisher updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:18

There are several similarities and differences between the current Mac OS- Yosemite and the newly released Mac OS X El Capitan. Fortunately for users, Yosemite can be upgraded to the new El Capitan for free, or users can easily partition Mac to install both El Capitan and Yosemite. Thus you can switch from one to another.

Comparison: Mac OS X El Capitan VS Yosemite

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan


Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Apps can load twice faster, while Internet connectivity speeds have also been increased greatly. Opening of PDF files and Word documents are also faster than ever. One advantage El Capitan has over Yosemite is the new Mission control feature that displays apps at the bar on top of your screen- this helps you stay more organized than the Thumbnail feature of Yosemite. Advantages The menu bar at the top of the screen is opaque, and the Messages sidebar is translucent. Though some may see more minimalist aesthetics in the increased use of transparency but this serves no useful purpose.
You can only install software that has been approved by Apple on the new Mac OS X El Capitan. Disadvantage One of the disadvantages of using Yosemite are the lags and slowdowns of apps, likewise the stuttering animations as well as slow Internet connectivity have also been reported.
El Capitan also comes with a full screen tweaks and mission control features. The mission control displays the names of existing apps at the top of the screen page, and this has replaced the thumbnail feature on the Yosemite. Mission Control The Thumbnail of Yosemite features a simplified menu bar around Yosemite. Height of many window title bars in Yosemite has been reduced.
There is a new Spotlight feature on El Capitan that allows you resize windows and move them anywhere on your desktop screen. El Capitan also provides search results from more sources, thus you will get the exact stuff you search for instead of too many results. Spotlight The Spotlight icon is located in the top right of the screen, but when you click on it the window opens in the middle of the screen. When first started using Spotlight in Yosemite, it is quite slow.
With the new Swipe gesture and improved full screen support, you can now optimize the way you read or manage your mails better on Mac OS X El Capitan – you can use this feature as a quick correspondence handler, and also manage your contacts and calendar much better from your inbox. With one swipe, you can mark an email as read or unread. Mail Mail in Yosemite doesn't appear to have changed much from Mail in Mavericks, apart from a few slight interface changes.
Mac OS X El Capitan comes with third party editing tools that allows you personalize your photos, by adding more details. The photo app on El Capitan is one of the best you can find on any operating system. The multiple editing extensions on the Photo apps found on El Capitan can allow you add subtle filters and beautiful textures that will make your photos extraordinary. Photo Users can transfer images from iPhone to Mac by AirDrop.
The new Safari on Mac OS X El Capitan is the perfect browser tool for your Mac device. The New Safari allows you to Pin your favorite websites, thus you can keep them opened, likewise you can mute audios without checking the tab from which the sound is coming from. Safari In Safari these menu bars buttons appear on the same level as the address/search bar. Merging the toolbar and title bar will bring help to users. However, this mean that the title of a page in Safari and the name of the document in your word processor will be invisible.
The enhanced Maps available on Mac OS X El Capitan provides maximum public transit information you can ever ask for, thus you will never miss your way even in a big city. You will have access to in-built public transport maps, directions and schedules. With El Capitan, you can easily plan your route with just few clicks. Maps When you search for a location, a Map of said location including the tools to find directions will appear.
One of the things that has made Mac OS X El Capitan more secured is the fact that the use of third party software is restricted, thus you may cope with much fewer bugs, or other threats to your Mac device. The double-coding system and several other password encryption recognition security features on El Capitan also make it more secured than Yosemite. Security Yosemite allows more third party software, though it is not lacking the basic Apple security features. the fact that you will need Apple login details and password to access your Mac makes it difficult for someone to break in, likewise Apple provides an iCloud security for all files stored in its cloud system.
When it comes to prices, the final price of Mac OS X El Capitan is still being speculated but many believe much difference should not exist between it and Yosemite. For now the upgrade of Yosemite to Mac OS X El Capitan is free and users who want to upgrade to the premium El Capitan will have to pay an amount that is expected not to be more than $60 a year. Price The Yosemite costs less than $50 a year while the premium costs more.
There is no doubt about the fact that performance in Mac OS X El Capitan is much more better than Yosemite. Launching apps on El Capitan is more than twice faster, likewise switching between apps on the new El Capitan is more than 1.5 times faster than Yosemite. The disk cache optimization included in the new El Capitan. The new user interface on Mac OS X El Capitan also optimizes the latest IOS 9 which makes it more user-friendly than the Yosemite. Performance The performance of Yosemite will largely depend on other factors such as the available hard disk space as well as the RAM. You will need a minimum hard disk space of about 2G to download and install the new Mac OS X El Capitan, however, the Yosemite requires much less disk space and RAM size.
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