Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Games for Kids and Adults

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:29

Thanksgiving can be a long day and there are many activities that one can indulge in so the family meetings don't turn out to be dull. It is a rare occasion when family and friends gather and it only makes sense to celebrate and cherish the moment. Organizing activities and fun games brings together all the members of the family irrespective of their age. Here are some cool Thanksgiving game ideas that will suit people from all age groups.

For Adults:

Here are some exclusive adult thanksgiving game ideas:

Pin The Tail Feather On The Turkey

1. Pin The Tail Feather On The Turkey

A homemade drawing of turkey can be utilized in this game. Stick the drawing on the wall and design tail feathers from a craft paper. Once the materials are ready, the pinner needs to be blindfolded. They need to be spin around for a couple of times. To increase the difficulty level, the turkey can be drawn on a rectangular sheet so that people don't figure out the tail easily by feeling the edges of the drawing.

2. Pick Two

7 scrabble tiles needs to be handed over to each player. The rest of the tiles from the scrabble bag need to be placed in the middle. The remainder of the tiles must be facing down. Each player must be asked to arrange the tiles similar to that done in a game of Scrabble. The arrangement must be done in front of the player without the aid of a board. This is equivalent to four mini versions of the Scrabble game going on simultaneously. The player that runs of extra tiles needs to shout "Pick Two". Other players need to pick two tiles from the tiles piled up in the center. The players are free to rearrange the tiles as required. The person using up all the tiles framing real words eventually becomes the winner of the game.

3. Photo Booth

This game can be played both outdoors and indoors. It would be ideal to play this game outdoors where the harvest decorations have been put up such as the hay bales and the corn stalk. This game can be played indoors by creating murals with Nina, ocean, Santa Maria and Pinta in the background. Make sure your costume blends with the occasion and the theme. Have some cool photo sessions with colourful costumes to have a blast.

Bingo for Thanksgiving

4. Bingo for Thanksgiving

This is ideal for adults and is ultimately a fun game for people who are cynical kind. Humorous bingo cards can be made and the players can be asked to cover the squares on the cards as and when the day progresses. This will keep everybody engaged. The things to observe could be somebody arriving late, running out of gravy, pet stealing food, a drunken aunt or somebody beginning the story with "When I was of your age". This would make things humorous on the Thanksgiving Day when you gather with your friends and family.

5. Parade Drinking Game

If it is a part of your family tradition to watch a television parade then you can club it with a drinking game. You need not have to make use of alcohol if you don't wish to. You can consider ideas such as drink when a performer messed up with the lyrics or when a host mentions about any thanksgiving event that ruined because of a bad weather in the past.

For Children:

It is hard to keep the kids entertained as they get bored quite easily. Here are some cool children thanksgiving game ideas which you can consider to keep the kids engaged all through the day:

1. The Boat Game

This is an ideal game for the kids. This is more of a fun filled game rather than a competitive one. Each child needs to be provided with a balloon and a milk carton boat. Ask them to insert the balloon within the boat and then blow it up. Everybody needs to let go of the balloon at the same instant. This will let the boat move because of the expelling air. This is an entertaining game which will keep the kids busy for hours. A nice game to indulge the children in while you are busy roasting the turkey.

2. Turkey Hunt

This game would be some real fun for the kids. This game is a modified version of the hide-and-seek. To add the element of fun in this game, the children in hiding can dress up like a turkey or at least sport a headdress. The kids would really have great time playing this game.

3. Top Turkey Artist

This is a fun game for people of all age groups. However, kids would enjoy this game the most. The kids could be asked to draw a turkey by blindfolding them. Blindfolding makes the game much more fun. Whoever draws the best turkey takes away the prize. Chocolate turkey would make a great prize for the kids.

4. Card Games

Card games are ideal when there is a large audience. These can blend in people of various age groups and are fun to play. Uno is a great option if you already have the deck. Hearts and Crazy Eights are other options that one can consider playing while gathering with friends and family for Thanksgiving.

5. Board Games

These games don't really require one to use their brain. These can be customized to suit the kids or for adults. The boards need to be chosen appropriately for this purpose. The kids can play Chutes and Ladder, Candy Land, Snakes and Ladder, Ludo, Chinese checkers. Carom and Chess wouldn't be a bad idea as well especially when the children are of 10 years of age or above. It is vital to consider the age group of the children attending the gathering so that you can pick games suitable for their age group.

Utilize these Thanksgiving gaming ideas and have a remarkable Thanksgiving gathering with your family and friends. These will keep everybody engaged and would add an element of fun and frolic to the gathering of family and friends.

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