Top 5 Apps to Help You on Your First Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:30

Thanksgiving is a great holiday as it brings family members together. Every one gathered round a single table enjoying a good meal together is definitely a good experience. However, for the person cooking the meal, it isn't a smooth ride all the way through. He/she has to make sure that everything from the customary roasted turkey to the side dishes is cooked perfectly or the whole evening is going to be ruined. Moreover, the eyes of the relatives and family members will be on the cook of the meal and if anything is slightly off the mark then that person would never hear the end of it.

Thanksgiving dinners can become an even more daunting task if you are preparing them for the very first time. You would be feeling just a touch nervous and it might cause you to panic if anything goes wrong. Menu selection can be a bit tricky too and might land you in trouble too. However, there is no need to worry, technology has you covered. There are a number of amazing Thanksgiving menu apps available on the App Store that can help you in planning your first thanksgiving menu with the utmost ease.


• Epicurious

Epicurious is an excellent free app for budding chefs and cooks as it provides them a large variety of recipes to choose their thanksgiving dinner menu from. The recipes are compiled in different categories, allowing you to come up with a great menu for the special day. The best thing about this app is that it is extremely easy to use having an intuitive interface and user-friendly controls which make the task of menu selection and shopping list preparation extremely easy. The app provides information regarding how long to cook each recipe so that there is no chance for you to overcook any of your dishes. One of the features that make this app superior to the others is its voice control feature known as Cook Mode. In this mode, you will get the chance to use voice commands to tell the app what you want and thus won't have to touch your iPad with sticky fingers while cooking.

Butterball Cookbook Plus

• Butterball Cookbook Plus

Butterball Cookbook Plus is one of the most helpful apps for novice as well as experienced chefs. No matter if you are cooking your first or fiftieth thanksgiving dinner, you are going to find this app extremely useful. The app offers multitude of recipes to you which are appropriate for the thanksgiving dinner. All you have to do is to browse through them and then select which one of them you want to include in your thanksgiving dinner menu. Once you are done, the app will automatically create a shopping list for you detailing the ingredients that you will require and in which amounts. You can share your selected recipes on social media platforms and even email them to your friends if you want using simple sharing options provided by the app. In addition to this, the app offers how-to videos to let budding chefs know how certain recipes are made and even provides advice on how to use up your leftovers.

Thanksgiving: A Bon Appetite Manual

• Thanksgiving: A Bon Appetite Manual

Thanksgiving: A Bon Appetite Manual is the perfect guide for anyone who is looking to take up the daunting task of preparing a thanksgiving dinner. This free app offers 101 excellent thanksgiving dinner recipes to you which are all mouthwatering and are in line with the traditions of this holiday. You will be able to choose the perfect thanksgiving dinner menu from these recipes. Besides the planning of the menu, this app also provides help to you in the kitchen in the form of helpful tips for each of the recipes and how-to videos that take you through each and every step of the recipe from the prep work to its serving. Videos from the Bon Appetite test kitchen are also available to you via this app which can help you in making your thanksgiving dinner the best meal of the year for all your guests.


If you are a novice cook, preparing your first thanksgiving dinner then is the best app for you. It has over 500,000 recipes to offer you which are organized in a recipe box. With so many recipes on offer, coming up with a menu for your Thanksgiving dinner would become a fairly easy task for you. Among these recipes, you will find gluten free and vegetarian recipes as well for those guests that might suffer from any dietary issues. You also have the option of importing recipes from the web as well. While you are busy selecting recipes, the shopping list feature of the app is going to automatically start preparing the list of ingredients that you are going to need for cooking your chosen recipes. The best feature of this app is that it provides you grocery deals from various grocery stores so that you can buy your ingredients for the lowest price. This app is available for free as well.

Whole Foods Market Recipes

• Whole Foods Market Recipes

Whole Foods Market Recipes is another excellent app for anyone looking for ideas regarding the menu of their first thanksgiving dinner. This app offers you the chance to search and browse recipes and choose the ones that spark your interest. The automatic shopping list is going to compile the list of ingredients as you create your menu. Whole foods market recipes also give you access to discount deals on various grocery stores and gives you the option to send the shopping lists to Instacart and get your ingredients delivered to you in certain US cities. There are guides and how to videos also available for the recipes so that you have no problem in making the dishes. The app offers other helpful videos and tips for different cooking techniques as well so that you are able to nail each and every aspect of your thanksgiving dinner.

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