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Here you will get all the tips and solutions about data recovery. Check here to learn how to recover data from your computer, hard drive, USB, etc.

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How to Fix a Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

You will also encounter system error also know as Blue screen error or Blue screen of death when your Windows or Mac computer is running. Don't worry, follow the steps on this tutorial to fix blue screen of death in Windows 10/8/7/Vista or Mac OS X easily.

How to Recover Files after Unexpected Shutdown?

Data loss is easier to happen when your computer system is unexpected shutdown. But now this tutorial will show you how to easily recover files after unexpected shutdown on Windows or Mac computer. After that, you'll never be troubled by data loss issues.

[Full Tutorial] How to Repair Corrupted Windows System Files?

[Full Tutorial] How to Repair Corrupted Windows System Files?

How do you fix a corrupted Windows system file? This article will show you how to repair corrupted Windows system files through different ways. You can try these proven solutions to repair your Windows system as you like.

How to Recover Corrupt AVI File and Repair It?

HDD Unalloated Space Data Recovery is a handy tool to help users recover files from unallocated partitions or disk space within few clicks. You can read this article to learn more.

What's the Difference between Linux EXT, XFS, BTRFS and ZFS?

What is the difference between Linux EXT4, EXT3, XFS, BTRFS and ZFS? This article will make a full review on this file systems for your reference.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

Is it possible to recover deleted files from the recycle bin? This article will provide you the detailed solution.

4 Tips on Data Recovery from Recycle Bin

Whether is it possible to do data recovery from recycle bin even you have emptied the recycle bin? You can find the answer in this page.

All Tips on Corrupted File Recovrey

Many factors can lead to the file corrupted, don't panic when you encountered this problem. You can find the easiest method here to recover corrupted file.

The Best All-in-one MMC Data Recovery Software

There is no need to take time to look for MMC data recovery software, you can try the tool recommeneded in this article to recover MMC lost data.

Setup was Unable to Create a New System Partition? Fix It Now

Setup was Unable to Create a New System Partition? Fix It Now

You may encounter Setup was unable to create a new system partition while installing Windows. Here you will find various ways to solve the error.

Troubleshooting on Windows Firewall Not Working in Windows

Most of the users face problems like Windows Firewall not working on Windows 7. There are many reasons behind such problem.

Top 5 Windows 7 Password Cracker Software

If you are seeking for best password cracking tools for windows 7 then, read this article carefully.

How to Use the Best 7 File Deleters to Delete Locked and Unwanted Files in Windo

On the internet, there are lots of file deleters available. Here, in this article, we will talk about best file delete tool on the web.

How to Choose from Incremental Backup and Differential Backup

It is entirely your choice to select the type of backup option you want for your ease. Each of them has their own specialties and drawbacks.

4 Ways on How to Fix Runtime Error on Windows

There can be different types of runtime error. Here in this article, you can find different solutions on how to fix runtime error in windows.

How to Solve the AMD Quick Stream License Error in Windows

There are many causes for AMD quick stream error like startup services, registry errors, insufficient RAM, file corruption, etc. Fix it now.

How to Fix Windows Keeps Restarting or Rebooting

Windows restarting itself can be very frustrating. Here in this article, you can find various solutions to fix the Windows keeps restarting error.

7 Solutions on How to Solve "No Sound on Computer" Problem

Many users have reported no sound on computer problem, no worry, in this article, you can find 7 solutions to fix sound not working on computer error.

How to Fix Computer Fan Making Noise Issue

Want to silent noisy fan on Windows computer? Here, in this article, you can find 6 solutions to fix the noisy fan directly.

How to Fix Black Screen Error on Windows and Mac

It is a very frustrated affair for Windows and Mac user when they face black screen error. This article will help you to get rid of the black screen error.