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Troubleshooting on Windows Computer Can't Connect to Internet

If you can't connect to internet, then the problem may be related to your modem or router, operating system or faulty drivers on your computer.

No sound in Windows Media Player? Fix it!

When you encounter problems like Windows media player no sound error, the solutions in this article could help you more.

How to Format External Hard Drive on Mac and Windows

If you don't know how to format external drive, here is the good news, we will talk about how to format the external hard drive on Windows and Mac OS.

Full Solutions for "Access Denied" Error Problem

If you encounter Access Denied problem on Windows when you delete/copy or move files between folders, no worry, this article talks about all the solutions.

Can't Enter Bios on Windows 10? Here is the Solution

In this article, we will help to solve the problem when you can't enter BIOS (Basic Input Output System) on Windows 10 computer.

3 Ways on How to Crack Administrator Password on Windows 10/8/7/XP

When you want to crack administrator password, you need to read this article firstly.

3 Tips on How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows and Mac

There are times when you may encounter high CPU usage that will overburden your CPU with system processes. No worry, fix it now.

The Best 6 Fixes for Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working Problem

If you are facing the Windows 10 taskbar not working issue, you can find the solutions in this article.

Meet "Unmountable Boot Volume Error"? Here are the Solutions

You may encounter various errors while using your Windows PC and "Unmountable boot Volume" is one such error. Try to fix it now.

How to Fix "DLL Files Missing & Not Found" Error

Missing DLL files lead to a software error that can cause many types of problems. Now, follow the steps in this article to fix it.

How to Enter Safe Mode in Windows 7/8/10?

If you have a question in your mind - how to enter safe mode?, then this is the best place for you to find a solution.

External Hard Drive Not Recognized? Here is the Solutions

Mostly people face external hard drive not recognized error in computers running on Windows and Mac Operating system. No worry, here has solutions.

20 Tips on How to Do with "Computer Overheating" Problem

Computer overheating is a major problem that can cause a decrease in the performance of your computer or even fry its internal components. Fix it now.

10 Tips on How to Fix Shift Key not Working on Windows Computer or Laptop

Shift key not working is a common phenomenon especially to Windows OS users. Here provides solutions to fix it, go on to learn more.

10 Solutions to Fix Computer Won't Shut Down in Windows 7/8/10

Computer won't shut down properly or take lots of time is a common error that is encountered by many users. Here provides 10 solutions for you.

Pandora File Recovery - Recover Your Deleted Pandora Files without Hassle

Pandora File Recovery - Recover Your Deleted Pandora Files without Hassle

Looking for the best method of Pandora recovery? Here's the solution. Read on to learn how to recover lost Pandora files.

5 Tips on Thumb Drive Data Recovery

Always Virus attack and many other factors may lead to data loss on thumb drive, to solve problems, we provide 5 tips on thumb drive data recovery for you.

2 Tips on Media Card Recovery

It is not a hard task to complete media card recovery, you can get back your photos, music, videos in a minute by using this powerful tool in this page.

6 Tips You Should Know about Lacie Hard Drive Recovery on Windows

Have met data loss? This article acts as a guide. It will help you perform LaCie hard drive recovery on Windows.

11 Tips and Tricks on How to Recover Lost Videos

Physical or software corruption always make you lost videos from hard drive or other devices, how to recover lost videos? Here provides the solutions.