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Data Recovery

Here you will get all the tips and solutions about data recovery. Check here to learn how to recover data from your computer, hard drive, USB, etc.

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Full Tips on HTC Recovery: HTC Recovery Mode and HTC Data Recovery

In this page, you can find 3 tips on HTC recovery mode and HTC data recovery.

Top 5 Alternatives to iCare Data Recovery for Windows

Have you met problems when using iCare Data Recovery for Windows to restore lost data? If your answer is YES, this article maybe helpful for you.

Hard Drive Clicking? What Is the Causes and How to Solve it

If you've heard your hard drive clicking , it is essential to identify the problem and solve it, also you can recover data from clicking hard drive.

3 Ways on How to Retrieve Deleted Photos

Accidentally delete precious photos on Mac, Windows, Facebook or Instagram? No worry, we here provide step by step guide to retrieve deleted photos.

[Solved] How to Choose an Alternative Method to Geek Squad Hard Drive Recovery

Geek Squad Hard Drive Recovery is a litter complex for many users when they meet data loss problems. Now, here will recommend you the alternative tool.

How to Recover Files from External Hard Drive for iMac

How to Recover Files from External Hard Drive for iMac

How to choose a great external hard drive for iMac? Here's the top list and the guide for iMac external hard drive data recovery.

10 Must-know Tips on Encrypted USB Flash Drives

This article talking about 10 Must-know tips on encrypted USB flash drives.This is where the importance of encrypted USB flash drives comes along.

The Best 10 Cell Phone Data Recovery Software in the Market

This article talking about the best 10 cell phone data recovery software in the market.There are cell phone data recovery software to walk you the path.

Top 10 Free Photo Recovery Software on Mac

This article talking about top free photo recovery software on Mac, these will help you recover photo.

Top 15 Best and Largest External Hard Drives

This article talking about top 15 best and largest external hard drives. You are able to house hundreds of movie files and photos in one package.

3 Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from LG Thrill

If you dully purposed to use any important information then suddenly you lose all data, you can do a quick lg thrill photo recovery with just three steps.

PC Inspector File Recovery Alternative for Windows and Mac

Meet some problems when using PC Inspector File Recovery? Try the best PC Inspector File Recovery for Mac and Windows Alternative software.

How to Perform NAS Data Recovery

NAS data recovery is not a task which is impossible to be done. Read this article and follow the steps to recover data from NAS devices.

How to Recover Files from Transcend Memory Card on Mac and Windows

How to Recover Files from Transcend Memory Card on Mac and Windows

Lost data from Transcend card due to deletion, format or other reasons? This article tells you how to recover files from Transcend memory card easily.

4 Tips on HTC Wildfire Recovery

What to do when you suddenly lose valuable data from your HTC Wildfire? You definitely have to find a way to do a quick HTC Wildfire recovery.

2 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from LG Marquee

Don't panic if you accidentally delete photos from LG Marquee. Let me show you the right software to do a quick LG Marquee photo recovery.

How to Fix/Repair A Corrupted USB Flash Drive and Restore Files?

USB flash drive is corrupted by accident? Read this article to learn how to repair a corrupted USB flash drive and recover lost data from it.

Free Download the Best HTC 8X Data Recovery Software in 2018

If you have experienced loss of some important data like photos, videos, audio, documents etc, you can try the HTC 8X data recovery mentioned in this page.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive on Mac/Windows?

Deleted files from flash drive by accident? Take it easy. This article will guide you to recover deleted files from flash drive step by step.

How to Recover Corrupted Data from External Hard Drive on Mac or PC?

Data might be corrupted due to lots of reasons, this article is going to show you how to recover corrupted data from external hard drive within few clicks.