3 Tips on How to Recover Deleted Photos from BlackBerry Cell Phone

If you happen to delete your photos, you need to relax because here is the way you can use to recover deleted photo from BlackBerry cell phone.
Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:20

BlackBerry Cell Phone is among the popular phones that anyone can use. Many people opt for this cell phone because of its durability and firm nature. There are numerous activities that you can do with your BlackBerry phone, taking photos included. Though at times, you may encounter scenarios like accidental deletion, virus attack or formatting cases. If you happen to delete your photos, you need to relax because there are ways you can use to recover deleted photo from BlackBerry cell phone.

Part 1. 4 Scenarios for Photo Data Loss on BlackBerry Cell Phone

Your BlackBerry Cell Phone photos may be lost due to numerous reasons. The fact of the matter is that photos give us a good memory of our past events and no one can actually stand losing precious photos. This is especially if you never had a backup or you have lost track of all the backups you put in place. If you recently lost photos from your BlackBerry Cell Phone and probably wondering how, these four scenarios may help shed some light.

1. Accidental Deletion

You may have lost your photo data when you accidentally delete all the photos rather than some few that you had purposed to delete. This might happen when you are in a hurry and just realize that all your favourite photos are already gone. Accidental deletion may also occur when you intended to carry out a different activity such as delete messages but you ended up taping on your photos.

accidental deletion

2. Unintentional Formatting

This results from formatting the BlackBerry phone without realizing. You might have realized that your phone is starting to slow down and hence you needed to do an upgrade. Sometimes, upgrading your phone may result to formatting of the device unintentionally. This could also happen when someone asks for your phone to use and in turn, goes on to further features that they don't understand.

unintentional formatting

3. Memory Card Corruption

When your BlackBerry phone memory card is corrupt, it could be the number one chance of interfering with your data. This happens because it is the memory card that is used to store such data. What happens when such a powerful chip gets corrupt? All the data goes down with it because as long as it is corrupt, data can no longer thrive in it.

memory card corruption

4. Virus Attack

This is also among the worse scenarios resulting to data loss. There are some viruses which when attack your phone, ends up eating the available files. Virus attack works in different ways depending on the type of virus in question. Even though regular scanning can minimize the rate of attack, some viruses like the Trojan Horse are quite destructive and a onetime scanning procedure will not drive them out. More so, visiting other websites and downloading files from the internet increase the chances of such virus attacks.

virus attack

Part 2. The Best BlackBerry Cell Phone Data Recovery Software

Recoverit for Mac (or Recoverit for Windows) is a software that performs best when it comes to recovering data lost data from your BlackBerry Cell Phone. Use this software to recover over 550 formats of data in about three steps. It is actually easy to use and offers a fast turn-around in regard to getting back your lost photos.

In addition to photos, this software gives you ample opportunity to recover your deleted videos, audio files, documents and all archive files. The software also lets you do a pause and resume scanning whenever you want. This makes it a reliable tool to suit your needs.

Why Choose This BlackBerry Cell Phone Data Recovery Software:

1. This is powerful software that can be used to get many kinds of data back. Use it to recover videos, documents, emails and audio files among other 550 data types.
2. It will scan your phone with an extreme fast speed, allowing you to pause and restart the process anytime. You are also able to do a deep scan which increases the data recovery success.
3. You have the liberty to preview data quality and check on all videos, audio files, documents and emails before recovery. Its file filters and folder trees make it easier for you to find your files.
4. It supports data recovery for all drives including USB and memory card. Use it for your BlackBerry phone together with all other devices that you own.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Photos from BlackBerry Cell Phone

It becomes necessary to recover your deleted photos at that moment when you realize that some of your valuable photos are no more. If you have a tendency of using your BlackBerry Cell Phone to take photos, you may have realized that it is very easy to lose them as well. This could be due to virus attack, memory card corruption or accidental deletion. Whatever the case, you would concur with me that losing photos is quite annoying and calls for a quick recovery process.

Step by Step Guide on BlackBerry Cell Phone Photo Recovery

Step 1. Connect the BlackBerry Phone to Your Computer

Connect your BlackBerry phone as an external SD device to your computer. Alternatively, you can remove the SD card from your BlackBerry Cell Phone and use a card reader to connect it to the computer. The computer should recognize the device automatically.

Step 2. Run Recoverit

Once the SD card has been recognized, you should now run the Recoverit on your Windows computer or Mac. The SD card recovery application supports numerous data systems that are found on the SD card and can recover numerous files and data. Pick on the file type that you need to recover.

install recoverit

Step 3. Scan Lost SD Card Photos

Recoverit will prompt you to select location to start recovering data. Select the right card device on your BlackBerry phone. Click on it and then go to "Start" to enable you carry on with the scanning process. A quick scan will automatically be accomplished. Though if the quick scan does not produce all the data, click on "Deep scan". The deep scan option will do an extensive search and increase data recovery success.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Photos

The scanning process will generate and populate a list of data. Recoverit lets you have a preview of your data before doing the recovery. Pick on a folder that contains the data you need to recover. Remember the scan process produces all the data within a particular folder. The preview stage is therefore vital as it allows you to pick the particular data that you need to recover. Select the data by check marking them. Go to "Recover" button and restore your data on your BlackBerry Cell Phone. You also have the liberty to backup such data on your computer or any storage media.

recover deleted photo
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