What is "Soft Reset”?

A soft reset is the easiest and simplest reset method in iOS devices. It entails a power cycle where you simply power off your device and then power it on again. It helps solve minor issues especially when your device has been on for a long time. It can also be used to solve connection problems. To do a soft reset, only the power button is used.

How to Soft Reset iPhone

Step 1: Hold the Power button until the red power off slider appears.

Step 2: Slide the slider with your fingertip to turn your device off.

Step 3: To finish the reset, turn on the iPhone on again by holding the Power button.

The minor issues such as sluggishness will be resolved and your iPhone should operate as usual.

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Soft Reset VS Hard Reset

Soft Reset Hard Reset
To do a soft reset you just power your device on and off. To do a hard reset you restart your device by pressing the home and power button.
Only the power button is needed to do a soft reset. You need both the power and the home button to perform a hard reset.
It can resolve an iPhone infected with virus, when there is a serious slowdown while operating your iPhone, fix corrupted software, fix glitches, to revert bad settings, to fix it when it fails to update an app and many more. Used when the iPhone has some minor issues such as not receiving calls, not connecting to internet, cannot send files, audio issues, minor software related issues, not receiving emails, incorrect settings.
To do a soft reset, hold and press the power button until a red slider appears and then slide the slider to turn off your device. To hard reset your device, you just press the home and the power button simultaneously until the apple logo appears.
When performing a soft reset your iPhone is turned off. No power is drawn from the battery during this time and it prevents the battery from draining. When doing a hard reset, the iPhone remains powered on and the battery charge is consumed during the process.
A soft reset takes only a few seconds, about 15 seconds. A hard reset takes about 20 minutes or more.

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