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How to Add Speed Effect to Video with Filmora Video Editor

The Speed tab in the Filmora Action Cam Tool helps you to speed up and slow down the video speed, and reverse or replay the video. You can also use the freeze-frame feature to freeze a frame and set the duration to pause the frame.

Change the Video Speed

1. Go to the “Action Cam Tool” tab and click on the “Import” button to import the video clip to the timeline.

import videos

2. Click on the “Speed” tab on the left panel. And place the Playhead to the position where you want to add speed effect.

3. And click on the “Add Marker” button under the “Speed’ menu. Navigate to the timeline to drag the “Speed Maker” on the other side to select a range of video clip you want to add speed effect. And then check the “Speed” option, and you can move the slider forward to speed up the video clip, or backward to slow down the video clip.

4. You can check the “Replay” menu to loop the video clip you selected. Filmora Video Editor lets you to replay the video clip in 10 times.

5. Check the “Reverse” button under the “Replay”, you can reverse the looped video clips. You have options to keep the audio or remove audio.

Action Cam Tool speed effect

Tips: Please note that, the Reverse feature can only available with the Replay feature applied.

Freeze Frame

You can apply Freeze Frame feature to pause a specified frame to certain duration. Follow below simple steps to enable the Freeze Frame feature.

1. Drag the Playhead in the timeline to the place where you want to freeze frame. You can use the Zoom in feature above the timeline to view the frame more specified.

2. Click on the “Add” button under the “Freeze Frame” menu, and you will see a yellow button on the selected frame. Now you can set the duration for freeze in the “Duration” section.

3. And then you can apply the freeze frame effect by selecting First Play, Last Play or All Play.

Action Cam Tool freeze frame

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