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Project Setup

Filmora Video Editor (above the version 9.0) will create a project file (.wfp) to contain all settings you have done in the project, such as editing tools, effects, selected music, etc.

Please be noted that this program will not store video, audio or image files, it only stores a reference to these types of media files based on the file names and locations. So if you move, rename or delete a source file, Filmora Video Editor won't be able to find it automatically next time.

Now, let's check how to create, save, open or move a project file on Windows computer.

1 Create A New Project

After launching the program on your computer, you can choose "New Project" to enter the editing window.

create a new project

The default aspect ratio is 16:9, and if you want to change or customize the aspect ratio, resolution or frame rate of the project, you can click on "File" > "Project Settings". (Here, you can change the aspect ratio from the default 16:9 to 1:1 or 9:16 as you like)

change aspect ratio

2 Save A Project

If you want to save the project file in the local disk, you can directly press "Ctrl+S" or click on "File" > "Save Project" or "Save Project As..."

save project

3 Open A Project

There are two ways for you to open a project file in Filmora Video Editor, let's check them now.

- Open a project from the Project Library

In the primary window of Filmora Video Editor, you can find an area "Project Library". Here, you can find all recent project file. Locate and click the project file to open it directly.

open a project

- Open an existing project from inside the editing interface

In the editing window, you can click "File" > "Open Project" or "Open Recent" to reload the .wfp project file.

open project

4 Archive Project File and Move to Another Device

If you want to move the project file to another computer or storage device, you need to archive the project file by clicking "File" > "Archive Project". After that, the project file and the source file will be archived in the *.wfp format.

archive project

5 Relocate Missing Media Files

If the media files are missing due to moving, renaming or deleting them, the program may file to find them. But you will see a window like below. You can click the search icon to relocate the missing files and reopen the original project.

However, if the files have been deleted permanently, you'd better to find other files as replacements.

relocate missing media file

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