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How to Apply Picture-in-Picture (PIP)?

Picture-in-picture (PIP) means you lay two or more videos, photos on the original video. And the frame will display all these videos and photos simultaneously. Picture in Picture feature is very useful when you create videos for tutorial, gaming, product demonstrations, etc.

1 Add Overlay Clip to Timeline

- Overlay Your Own Video and Image

1. Import both your background video and overlay video clips or images to the media library. Then drag the background video to the video track in the timeline.

2. Drag and drop the overlay video or image to another video track.

3. Double-click on the overlay video in the Preview window, then you can resize and reposition the overlay clip in the Preview window.

apply picture in picture effect

- Overlay Motion Graphics

There are a wide range of motion elements you can add to your video. They are love, journey, shapes, hand drawn, badges, tutorial, web, pets, and emoji. Simply click on the “ELEMENTS” icon, and drag the element you like and drop it to the timeline to overlay the motion graphics to video.

overlay motion graphics

2 Modify Overlay Clips

- Customize Overlaid Video

Double-click the overlaid photo or video in the timeline will enable the pip motion and audio setting up window. From there, you can set up the movement track and audio for the overlaid photo or video.

customize overlaid video

- Add A Mask Frame

When you add an overlay to the background photo or video, you can feel free to change the overlay shape by clicking "Effects" > "Utility" > "Shape Mask".

Note: You need to drag the mask filter onto the overlay video clip, not to another blank track. Otherwise, the mask filter will be applied onto the background video.

drag mask frame to the overlay clip

Double click the overlay video clip, then, you can open the video editing panel. Find "Video Effects" > "Shape Mask" in the panel, and you can adjust X, Y, width, height and feather as you like.

change mask shape

If you wish to make an image overlay, just drag a picture to timeline, and apply "Image Mask" effect under the "Effects" > "Utility" option. Then, you can follow the same steps to change the mask shape as you like.

- Add PIP Blending Modes

Double click the overlay video clip to open the video editing panel, then find "Compositing" option. Here, you can select a blending mode and change opacity according to your own needs.

add pip blending mode

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