Filmora Video Editor

The best video editing software to create stunning videos with full-featured editing tools and impressive effects.

Keyboard Shortcuts List

Below is the keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Filmora Video Editor.

Module Command Windows Shortcuts
File New Project Control-N
File Open Project Control-O
File Save Project  Control-S
File Save Project As Control-Shift-S
File Archive Project Control-Shift-A
File Import Media Files Control-I
File Record Voice-over Alt-R
File Preferences Control-,
File Exit (Mac: Quit) Alt-F4
File Undo Control-Z
File Redo Control-Y
File Cut Control-X
File Copy Control-C
File Paste Control-V
Edit Delete Delete
Edit Ripple Delete (Delete and Close Gap) Shift+Delete
Edit Select All Control-A
Edit Copy Effects Ctrl-Alt-C
Edit Paste Effects Ctrl-Alt-V
Edit Show Clip Properties Alt-E
Edit Split Control-B
Edit Trim Start to Playhead Alt-[
Edit Trim End to Playhead Alt-]
Edit Crop and Zoom Alt-C
Edit Rotate 90 Clockwise Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow
Edit Rotate 90 Counter Clockwise Ctrl-Alt-Left Arrow
Edit Change Speed and Duration Ctrl-R
Edit Add Freeze Frame Alt-F
Edit Detach Audio Control-Alt-D
Edit Mute Control-Shift-M
Edit Stabilization Alt-S
Edit Color Correction Control-Alt-C
Edit Green Screen Control-Alt-G
Edit Insert Shift-I
Edit Overwrite Shift-O
Edit Rename Enter
Edit Delete Delete
Edit Reveal in Explorer(Finder)  Control-Shift-R
Edit Apply Alt-A
View Play Space
View Stop Control-/
View Full screen Alt-Enter
View Previous Frame Left
View Next Frame Right
View Previous Edit Point Up
View Next Edit Point Down
View Previous Second Shift-Left
View Next Second Shift-Right
View Previous Mark Shift-Up
View Next Mark Shift-Down
View Go to Project Beginning Home
View Go to Project End End
View Go to Selected Clip Start Shift-Home
View Go to Selected Clip End Shift-End
View Zoom in Control+ =
View Zoom out Control+ -
View Zoom to Fit timeline Shift-Z
View Set In point I
View Set Out point O
Marker Add Marker M
Marker Delete Marker Delete
Marker Edit Marker Shift-M
Marker Jump to Previous Marker Shift-Up
Marker Next Marker Shift-Down
Miscellaneous Help F1
Miscellaneous Export Control-E

Steps to set up shortcuts

Step 1: Click File -> Keyboard Shortcuts to see the list of available shortcuts.

keyboard shortcuts

Step 2: Click any shortcut to make changes. It's important to note that you cannot change it to anything that is already in use. When you finished, click OK to save the changes. You can restore the default shortcut at any time by clicking Restore Defaults.

restore defaults

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