While browsing through the songs available on iTunes, you will notice that the free content is limited to few songs or artists. Most of the times, the best of the song that you would be craving to add in your library will be paid content. So, either you are hunting for a particular song or you happen to stumble upon a mesmerizing song that seemed music to the ears, you will have pay for it in order to make it a part of your collection in iTunes.

So how to buy music on iTunes? Well, here’s the guide for you. Refer to the below details and get the best songs in your iTunes library.

How to Buy Music on iTunes

Step 1: In order to buy, you need to pay and to pay, you will have to create an account. Go to “Source list  iTunes Store”. A sign-in window will appear. Click on the “Create New Account” tab and fill in the requisite details including your credit card details.

buy music on itunes

Step 2: Open iTunes. Hunt for the song that you are willing to add to your library. You can either enter the artist’s name or the title of the song in the search bar at the upper right corner of the iTunes window.

Step 3: Once you are able to locate the song, look for “Buy” option located at the far right corner of the screen, adjoining the song’s name. Click on it.

Step 4: A small pop up would appear asking you to enter your password. As soon as you punch the password, the download would begin in no time and the song will be added to your library.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Enjoy the song! Happy listening!

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