10 Reasons Why You Should be Switching from iPhone to Android

Adam Cash updated on 2022-06-13 09:57:09

When the question of whether to go Android or iOS comes in play, then a heated debate arises. With the Android lovers pulling the rope on their side while the iOS fanatics won’t let it go. For years the Android-iPhone debate has seemed like a football match where fans can never cross to the opponent’s side or even admit to open mistakes. After using both the two systems for over a year now I think it is time we settled the dust. Although the iPhone is a great phone with amazing features, there are a lot more to be desired form the Android counterpart. For that purpose I have compiled the top ten reasons as to why you should switch from iPhone to Android.

10 Reasons Why You Should Switch from iPhone to Android


When you decide to go the Android way you have endless amount of devices to choose from. You can choose a phone that capitalizes on music or one that has the best camera or chose a cheap and so on and so on .However on the other hand an iPhone is just an I phone. There is nothing like “a galaxy music iPhone” or anything of the sort. When you chose the iPhone, you tie your self I the prison of marriage.


This is where the Android totally beats the iPhone. For this particular reason many people are switching from iPhone to Android. While APPLE insists on making devices that are simple to use and less “congested”, the modern man loves a technical gadgets. The Android offers more technical features that allow you to customize your phone to whatever look you like. For instance if you don’t like the launcher you download a completely new one and there you got it. You can even turn your phone display to a windows one.


When it comes to hardware and functionality, the iPhone is no where as compared to the Android phone. What makes the Android phone highly advanced in hardware is competition. While Apple stands as lone producers of iPhones, its opponents have high competition from thousands of Android phone producers. This has pushed the Android phone producer to capitalize on something else other than just the software. For instance the galaxy S5 has a Ram of 2gb which is double that of its iPhone age mate iPhone 6.


Although I already talked about customization there is no way I can avoid mentioning widgets. How on earth did iPhone manufactures ever forget to put the widgets on their phone? This is what ties me to my android phone and it is probably one of the reasons you should be switching from your iPhone to Android. The widgets give me such a convenience for getting my notifications say incoming mails, checking the time with clock widgets and much more.


One thing iPhone lovers will tell you is that there is no shortage of amazing games available that display rich graphics and cool game play. Those Nintendo lovers who still yearn for a Zelda remake can find the closest thing to it with Oceanhorn. This popular iPhone-only game has astoundingly rich graphics and smooth interplay that can't be replicated on any other smartphone. With it's fantastic score and colorful scenes, iPhone lovers will find themselves easily addicted for hours.


While not all Android phones come with removable batteries most do. We all know most iphone devices can barely last a day with power. Why not then switch to a phone that gives you the convenience of carrying that extra battery incase you run out of power?


While all Android phones use the same micro USB charger, something you can find anywhere, Apple decided to be cool and different. This means that with your iPhone you cannot carry an extra battery since it is permanent and can not get the charger anywhere anyhow. I bet the iPhone was meant to be a desktop. Plus they have changed their old 30 pin charger so that if you acquire newer devices you need to get the new chargers for it.

8. Display quality

The retina display for the iPhone was great when it came out, but come to think of it that was 5 years ago. This is 2016 for God’s sake. While the iPhones display has only managed to reach 401ppi there are many Android phones like the LG G3’S that offer up to 534ppi. I still don’t know what you need to here to switch from your iPhone to Android.

9. Flexible Operating System

While the iPhone started out as conservative as it is today, Android had a more flexible start. The Android allows you install applications from other sources hence there is no single task you may want to perform on android and lack an application dedicated to it.

10. Dedicated Gaming Handsets

Although it started as a joke when Sony produced the Sony Xperia Play, the idea has been adopted strongly with more phones dedicated to gaming being produced. It is only through an android devoice you can find a full certified lay station on a phone.

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