The native browser on new iPad, say, Safari, allows you to search everything you want in the internet, movies, information, music and more. To use Safari more convenient, here are some iPad Safari tips and tricks.

iPad Safari Tips and Tricks

1. Different domain extensions

URLs are ended with different extensions, such as .com, .edu, .net or .org. So if you need to type the domain extention, you can hold the .com button at the bottom of the keyboard, then you can get options of .edu, .net and .org. And if you are going to a domain with the extension of .com, you can ditch the URL extensions: taking for example, you can directly enter iskysoft into the search bar. Learn more about the tips & tricks for iPad keyboard shortcuts.

iPad Safari extension 

2. eveal URLs in Safari

Encounter a link in an opening web page and want to switch to it? Just hold on the link and you will get a pop-up window asking you whether or not you want to open it. You can c the page to open it on a new tab or copy it to the clipboard.

iPad Safari url 

3. Save images in Safari

If you find some beautiful or useful images, you can push and hold down on the image, then you will see a pop-up windows where you can save the photo to your photo album.

iPad Safari images 

4. Tweak AutoFill

Safari offers an AutoFill feature to make it quick to enter some common words. To enable it, you can go to the Settings, then choose Safari and turn AutoFill on. Then you can make Safari to use your Contact info or remember the names and passwords entered.

iPad Safari tweak 

5. Swap the search engine

Too good for Google? Why not set it to your Safari's default search engine? Safari offers three search engine options: Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can go to Settings -> Safari -> Search Engine -> select whatever search engine offered.

iPad Safari search engine 

6. Arrange the Bookmarks order

If you want to arrange the order of your bookmarks on the Bookmarks Bar of the Safari for iPad, you can tap the Bookmarks icon -> Bookmarks Bar -> Edit -> hold down the three stacked bars on the right -> now you can move the bookmark up or down to rearrange the bookmarks order -> Done.

iPad Safari bookmark 

7. Navigating Websites

iPad safari 

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