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HDR is the abbreviated form of High Dynamic range. With this feature being enabled, you will be empowered to take unique photos. The main feature of the technology is its exposure for the image. If you are wishing to take photograph of a tower, you can be able to see the tower on which light falls. Along with that you will also be able to see the shadow in the image. You will get the clear picture of the landscape with proper exposure of both light and the shadow. This feature has been integrated recently with various phone cameras. This feature of the cameras enables you to take pictures in quick successions. This article throws light on what is HDR on iPhone 6S camera.

Part 1. What is HDR on iPhone 6S Camera?

HDR is an integrated feature of the iPhone camera which you can access through the camera app. You just need to switch the ON option after tapping on HDR options. Once you enable the HDR option of your iPhone, the camera automatically takes pictures in the HDR mode. This mode takes a little longer time to capture an image than the normal ones as it takes three frames in to account for taking a picture.

Photography on HDR mode is perfect for the still pictures. If the objects cite movements, you may end up with blurred pictures. The best practice is to hold your iPhone still. You can also use a tripod to take pictures. The camera enabled with HDR is perfect for taking pictures of the landscapes. The scattering of light is different in the sky and the landscape in general. The land looks dark in comparison to the sky. You can take the picture of the landscape with the sky without making any one of the two look dark or light.

Light is a very important aspect of photography and the camera. A little contract of light can capture a disastrous picture for you. With HDR on iPhone you can be able take your photograph without even a stint of effect by the sunlight. Too much backlight can make your photo dark. HDR is the ultimate solution for that. HDR lightens up the foreground of your image and your image looks brighter than ever.

hdr on iphone 6s camera

Part 2. How to Enable HDR on iPhone 6S Camera?

This is all about the simple instructions that help you to switch on the HDR mode. By knowing all these steps you can only be able to turn on the HDR mode. To come with your best photography skills you should have knowledge about some tricks.

  • Step 1 - Switch on the camera app.
  • Step 2 - You will find HDR on top.
  • Step 3 - There are three modes of HRD such as "On", "Off" and "Auto". Choose the mode that you like.

You may not always be able to know the right time to turn on HDR mode. At times professionals photographers fail to know when to use the HDR mode. Let your camera app decide the right time to turn on the specific mode. When the function of HDR is needed, the camera app of iPhone 6s activates its mode. When you use the camera of iPhone 6S, you have various options of choosing apps that enable you with new photography techniques. You should look for an app that helps you take better pictures with the use of HDR. The processing of HDR is a bit slow but the apps available for your iPhone can make the processing a bit faster.

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