Apple Released Mac OS X El Capitan Beta 2 to Developers

Brian Fisher updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:15

Just a day after Apple released a new developer for its iOS 9, the company has released Mac OS X El Capitan Beta 2 to developers and it wouldn’t be long before the final consumers begin to enjoy the numerous benefits of the new software. According to a new report released by Apple, there will be two changes to some two factor authentication – the two systems will be different from the usual Apple’s two-step verification system and there will be a different method to be used in trusting devices and in the delivery of verification codes. Apple has also acknowledged that the new system will provide a more streamlined user experience.

Based on the support document released by Apple, the newly introduced two-factor authentication system will work in a similar way to the already installed two-step verification system and that means any device you signed into using the two step authentication will automatically become verified and when you link an Apple ID to the new system, your device will be automatically recognized.

from yosemite mac os x el capitan changes 

The new iOS 9 will be the first major Apple mobile operating system that will have a Beta release and OS X users would have been familiar with the use of Beta version by the time it is finally released to the public. The new Mac OS X El Capitan Beta 2 will be made available to the public later in year 2015. However, the first Beta version has been released already and it was made available for free on the Apple’s website.

Mac OS X El Capitan Beta 2 is a third developer preview and it could help to enhance the functionality of the software when it is officially released later in the year 2015. Mac OS X El Capitan Beta 2 have several bug fixes that has been made into the existing features, and according to a reliable source, it is now easy to drag a window out of the top of screen bar in the “Mission control” mode and the window can now be moved into the desktop where it becomes a separate window. On the new Mac OS X El Capitan Beta 2 is a new Photo app with an automatic album for users’ screenshots and photos. There will also be a new splash screen for the calendar, and likewise there will be an upgrade to the split-screen mode where two apps can be run at the same time to save time and for multi-tasking.

Mac OS X El Capitan Beta 2 will be a supplemental update, and the release notes sent to developers show that some issues affecting Bit-32 apps (issues such as apps closing unexpectedly) have been fixed. With the beginning of the Beta public testing, it is believed that a wider audience will now have access to the new Mac OS X El Capitan software – this is scheduled to be released by the end of October 2015, and will be available to the public the same day of its release.

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