Top 22 Must Have Windows 10 Software

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:34:36

Windows 10 is the new operating system that is going to be launched on 29th July 2015. This operating system will be the last in the series of Windows operating system. Microsoft deliberately did not bring any operating system named Windows 9 as they are of the opinion that this is the ultimate operating system that will be loved by people. Numerous enhancements have been made within this operating system, making it undeniably the best operating system till date. There will be some applications such as the Windows media player that will be removed, but other third party software solutions are already available to take its place. There is genuine concern among people about the way existing applications will behave when they migrate to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Service Pack 1. The good news is if any of the software applications fail to adjust with Windows 10 operating system, then there are numerous replacements standing by to take care of such an issue. See below must have Windows 10 software.

The 22 software solutions that can come in very handy while using Windows 10 operating system are discussed below:

1. Free YouTube Downloader:

Free YouTube downloader is a must have Windows 10 software for those who are fans of YouTube. With it, you are allowed to enjoy any YouTube videos, including HD YouTube and YouTube VEVO anytime without network connection. Only one click enables you capture your lovely YouTube video even the whole YouTube channel or YouTube playlist.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express:

This is a free photo editing and photo enhancing software that can come to great use while using Windows 10. This application is very lightweight and does not take a huge amount of space when installed. Although people might consider it less superior Photoshop CC, but it is definitely great utility software that takes care of regular photo editing with ease.

Free Download Adobe Photoshop Express >>

3. iMusic:

iMusic is a useful Windows 10 program that allows you to record any sound from computer or Internet. It enables a virtual sound card on your PC and helps you to record music or audio in high quality. You can save the audio to MP3 or M4A format for playing on most of platforms. For streaming music, you can use it to download music from 3000 more music sites and various video sites.

4. AutoDesk Pixlr:

This is great free software that will come in very handy while using Windows 10 as the operating system. Pixlr is the new creation of the design software company AutoDesk, and it has already found a great traction in the market for its simplicity. This software offers numerous great filters, borders and text overlays. Also, the color splash effect is an awesome feature.

Free Download AutoDesk Pixlr >>

5. Dropbox:

This is a free application that helps in sending and downloading large files that are not possible to send via email. This application also helps to view documents and photos. Although its importance will reduce with the introduction of OneDrive with Windows 10, those that are comfortable using Dropbox can still continue using it.

Free Download Dropbox >>

6. Facebook:

This is a hugely popular software application that is preferred by all and sundry. This helps people communicate with each other via calling or chatting. Pictures can also be sent free of cost. Companies are using this application for the promotion of their products. This software has become the part and parcel of people's life. Windows 10 allows running of this application without any hitch.

Free Download Facebook >>

7. eBay:

This is another great free to use application that will run with ease in Windows 10. It gives access to a huge online market from where people can buy anything they choose to. On eBay a person can also sell whatever he or she deems fit. This is basically auction software. Special recommendations are also sent to people that use eBay a lot based on their interest. This application is popular throughout the world.

Free Download eBay >>

8. Despicable Me: Minion Rush:

This is an awesome game that is loved by people of all ages around the world. This gaming software runs in Windows 10 with no problem at all. This action game can be.

Free Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush >>

9. Fresh Paint:

This is a great drawing application that has got its own large fan base. This application is free to download and operates without any issues on Windows 10 operating system. This program offers almost realistic colors, pencil textures for digital drawings. This application can be considered an artist's dream.

Free Download Fresh Paint >>

10. Twitter:

Twitter is a micro blogging application that is highly popular among variety of age group of peoples around the world. This application is favored by many powerful people around the world. This application allows people to edit profiles, choose between light and dark themes and save drafts.

Free Download Twitter >>

11. TuneIn Radio:

This is another free to use application that runs in Windows 10. This application falls in the category of music and videos. This application allows people to listen to music, sports and news from every corner of the world. This application is very useful in a sense that there are almost 60,000 radio stations playing around the world.

Free Download Free LiteCam HD >>

12. Skype:

This is another beautiful application that helps people to remain connected with friends and family with the help of text chatting, voice chatting and video chatting. This application also supports sending of files, pictures and videos. Group video calls are also allowed through this application. This is totally free to download and falls in the category of social.

Free Download Skype >>

13. Viber:

This is social software that is free to download and use. This software is also supported by Windows 10. Viber is available in many smart phones and tablets. This application lets people chat, send pictures, and receive pictures etc over 3 G or using Wi-Fi. Viber is a software app that has got its own large fan base.

Free Download Viber >>

14. Amazon:

This is highly popular shopping software that people use to buy everything for themselves. People take advantage of the daily sales that are given on variety of products. This application also allows people to search and compare prices of a product in the World Wide Web. This application gives details and reviews of the products that people are thinking about buying.

Free Download Amazon >>

15. Sonic Dash:

This is gaming software that can be downloaded and installed for free. This game has a fan base of its own among people of all ages and genres. In this game a person has to guide a hedgehog through docks and different types of hazards.

Free Download Sonic Dash >>

16. Shazam:

This is another application that will run on Windows 10 and let people discover about music, TVs and advertisements very swiftly. The size of the software is about 2.2 MB. This application helps people to view YouTube videos, buy music from music stores, read about the reviews of any album etc. This is unique kind of software that can come in very handy for any Windows 10 user.

Free Download Shazam >>

17. KMPlayer:

This is a great media player, and it supports a great number of formats that are prevalent nowadays. This media player takes very little space and is highly customizable. People can adjust the skin color, add pluggins, and change playback options as per their choice. This application also allows the user to take video captures and also apply filters.

Free Download Free LiteCam HD >>

18. VLC Media Player:

This media player is considered the best among all the available media players. This player supports numerous formats given the user free hand in viewing videos and pictures of his choice without having to think about changing formats. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity of the interface that makes it operable by even a child.

Free Download VLC Media Player >>

19. UMPlayer:

This is another lovely media player that is actually based on MPlayer. The UMPlayer gives the user a stunning experience while watching videos or listening to music. The interface is very simple but beautiful making it a preferred choice for the user.

Free Download UMPlayer >>

20. Evernote Touch:

This is another great free application that comes in very handy for the user. It mainly remembers everything across the device. It has the capability to auto-sync a note between a computer, smart phone and a tablet. This utility makes it a very handy application for the user. This application falls in the category of productivity.

Free Download Evernote Touch >>

21. Winamp:

This is another great media player that can be of great use. This media player has lost some of its flair with passing time but that does not reduce its importance in any way. It is a free to use application that can do music playback using variety of formats.

Free Download Winamp >>

22. Real Player:

This is another media player in the group of media players that will run smoothly in computers having Windows 10 as the operating system. This player has kept updating itself with time and so many people still prefer this player. It can play MP3, MP4 and variety of other formats.

Free Download Real Player >>

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