Transferring Music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5 on Mac/Windows

Here is an easy way enables Mac and Windows users to transfer music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5. Just do it now!
Brian Fisher updated on 2022-12-22 16:50:40

There have been selected cases of people reporting challenges when transferring music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5. Fortunately, this article will discuss the main procedures for achieving that so you should read keenly in case you have been a victim of the same. This challenge mainly befalls new users of the phone device but even old users can get confused by new features. Keep your worries aside in case you are a music fan and this problem keeps on annoying you.

The whole process will be simple regardless of whether you are on PC or Mac.

Part 1: Transfer Music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy on Mac OS

Android File Transfer is one of the many features that frequent users of the Mac are well aware about. It is the secret for getting your music files to Samsung Galaxy S5 with ease. This software is free to download so you should not have any excuse for not having it.

Step 1: Have the software downloaded and installed to your Mac before connecting the Galaxy S5 using a USB cable. It will launch automatically without requiring much of your input. When open, you will be able to see the file tree right from the phone.

Step 2: Once all that is successful, your next step will be searching for the iTunes folder from the Mac.

Transfer Music from iTunes to Samsung on Mac

That will equally be straightforward but it will all depend on location. For ease, make sure the folder is saved at the desktop or any other part of the computer that will be easily navigated. You will get to see all the songs that you want to transfer right in the iTunes where you will select the best to transfer.

Step 3: Drag them and drop to the music folder in the Android file transfer. Once the transfer is complete, close down the Android file transfer and then disconnect S5 from the Mac. Your music will be ready to enjoy.

Part 2: Transfer Music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy on Windows

This is even the easiest to transfer music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to Mac OS because no software downloading will be required. It is well equipped and ready to perform the music transfer task competently.

Step 1: The first step will be connecting the Galaxy S5 phone to the Mac and then set it to MTP-mode. This will be confirmed from the notifications area so don't proceed unless that shows positive results. If you experience any challenges in that, disconnect the phone and then connect back again after which it will show on the file manager. There is a small icon for "music player" that will show up and it's there where the music folder with all your songs will appear.

Transfer Music from iTunes to Samsung on Windows

Step 2: Using the file manager, you can search for the iTunes music on the PC to drag and drop them appropriately. The transfer will take a very short period so don't get uneasy. The USB will be unplugged when the music files have successfully transferred and then plug in headphones to enjoy flawless music entertainment. You might experience a few hitches in the process and you are strongly advised to repeat the procedures in case that happens.


For advanced understanding of the right processes to transfer music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S5, there are video tutorials with clear guidelines on how to achieve that. The two transfer methods discussed above are good not only for transferring music from iTunes but anywhere in the computer system. They can easily multitask which is an added advantage when moving music to a Samsung Galaxy S5. Furthermore, it is easy to transfer PDF files, pictures and movies of whatever size. Your options will surely be wide open and it's only good you take full advantage of that.

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