How to Trim MP3 in Audacity

How to Trim MP3 in Audacity

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By Elva | Apr 16,2018 11:46 am

Can Audacity trim MP3?

Yes, you can trim MP3 with Audacity. Audacity is a free open source digital audio editor as well as a recorder that is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. With this audio editor, you will be able to trim audios unlimited audios, adjust the speed of audio, adjust pitch, reduce noise and also convert cassettes to digital tracks among others. So how do you use this audio editor? The next part below shows a step by step guide on how to trim MP3 with Audacity.

Part 1: How to Use Audacity to Trim MP3 Files

Step 1. Download and install Audacity software on your computer.

Step 2. On the Audacity window click on “File” select “Import and then click on “Audio” and then import your MP3 file to the program.

Step 3. The waveform of the audio that you want to edit will appear on the screen. Now select the part of the MP3 that you want to trim. To adjust the parts that you want to trim you have to use the cursor at the start and end points the desired part.

audacity trim mp3

Step 4. Now, to trim the selected part click on “Edit” button on the main menu and select “Remove Special” option. From there click on “Trim Audio” option.

Boom! There you go. You have now trimmed the audio with Audacity software. Go ahead and save the file on your computer.

trim mp3 audacity

Part 2: Trim MP3 in Audacity Alternative - Filmora Video Editor

The best way that you can trim MP3 is by using Filmora Video Editor software. It is a media editing software that is featured with image editing options, audio editing options and video editor. For audio editing, you will be able to; trim, split, merge, attach audios, fade in, fade out, adjust the pitch of the audio. This software also comes with some equaliser presets that you can apply to your audio editing. Using this software has proven that editing video has been simplified in this era and it is possible to share your files online. Moreover, this software you can the benefit from other key features listed below.

trim mp3 in audacity alternative
  • Video Editing- Filmora Video Editor has basic video editing features such as adjusting aspect ratio, brightness, colour hue, and contrast. You can also trim, cut, split merge and rotate image.
  • Inbuilt Effects- With this software you can explore several filters, overlays, elements, motions and transitions.
  • Advanced Editing options- Other than the basic editing functionalities, Fimora video editor also has other editing option such as pan and zoom, video stabilizer, 3D lut, Play files in reverse, picture in picture and much more.
  • Background Music- With this software you can remove background music or add background music to your records
  • Inbuilt Recorder- Filmora Video Editor is comes with an inbuilt recorder that you can record quality audios that you can attach to your project.
  • Supports different Input Sources- This media editing software is a flexible tool that allows you to import files and folders from your computers local drive, camcorder, mobile devices as well as online sites like Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.

A Step-by-step Guide to Trim MP3 using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import MP3 Files

After you have opened the Filmora Video Editor on your computer, click on the “MEDIA” button and then “Import Files”. You will be able to browse files from your local computer or any attached device. However, you can also drag and drop the media files to the program window.

trim mp3 in audacity alternative

Step 2. Trim the MP3 File

Trimming the MP3 files is simple. Move the MP3 file to the music panel at the bottom of the window by dragging the MP3 file. Next, click on the music and position the cursor at the start point where you want to begin trimming file. You will highlighter appear. Next, position the cursor to the endpoint again and when two arrows appear you can then trim the audio.

To trim the mid of an audio, select the section to trim and then click on the scissor-like button on the formatting toolbar and then the program will trim the videos immediately after clicking on delete button.

trim mp3 files in audacity alternative

Step 3. Export the Trimmed MP3 File

Now that you have trimmed your MP3 file, it is time to export the files to the desired location. Click on “Export” button and choose “Format” to save the file on your computer. If you want to save and share them online, click on “Online” and select the desired website. Let us say “YouTube” log in to your account. Enter the title of the file, give a description and export it online.

trim mp3 using audacity alternative

Editing audio files with Filmora Video Editor is the simplest way since it comes with audio controls that are easy to use. This intuitive tool also gives you different options that you can export your edited audio file.

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