Why Apple Calls the New OS X ‘Yosemite’

Brian Fisher updated on 2022-05-05 10:34:32

The tenth generation of Apple’s OS for its Mac computers saw the use of various wild creatures. Apple has given names such as Leopard, with a Snow Leopard variant, and Lion, with a Mountain Lion release following it. The new OS X, version 10.10, is most likely a sign of more new things to come for Apple’s operating system. It is called Yosemite, a name that strays away from the usual names that the tech giant has been giving to the different versions of its operating system for the past several years. In this article, we discuss how it probably went down to giving OS X 10.10 the name it holds now.


We name five probable reasons that may have made Apple result to this name for their new operating system due for release in fall 2014.

  1. Apple wants their OS name to be refreshing. After several years of naming the different versions of OS X on after another after wild dog or cat-like creatures, it indeed sounds refreshing especially for users of Apple’s Mac computers.
  2. While the naming scheme started with OS X Mavericks, the continuation of this new naming scheme is a sign of new things to come with this new operating system. The OS X Yosemite rocks a brand-new graphical user interface that appears to be a minimalistic and reinvented version of the usual OS X interface. People who opt to get Yosemite will also experience the sidebar that seems to be patterned after that of Windows Vista. The typical Email application has been improved to perfectly implement all its features. These are just few of the newer things to expect from Apple’s second differently-named operating system in years.
  3. The use of another California-based name in OS X 10.10 may be a representation of the operating system’s focus, which is continuity. While we’ll get newer things for Yosemite, having it be the second operating system named using the new naming scheme is also a reflection of how the new OS strives to perfect every feature and application that has existed in previous versions of iOS.
  4. The name Yosemite is definitely perfect for Apple’s new operating system. It simply lives up to the national park that it’s named after – the Yosemite in California. The refreshingly elegant and simplistic user interface of the new OS X is just the perfect match for the beauty that the actual park holds.
  5. This last reason may seem a bit out of the context, but you’ve got to admit, the name Yosemite sounds good. Calling the new OS by this name other than having the names of other famous parks, Yosemite feels a good name for marketing. Who knows? It may help in attracting more Mac users to upgrade to OS X 10.10.

So what do you think of the reasons we presented? Which of them sounds more appealing and rational? Let us know in the poll below:

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What Apple May Call the Next OS X

Following the new California-based naming scheme, we predict that the new OS X may be called ‘Redwood,’ after the national park in the north-western portion of California. OS X ‘Redwood’ sounds fitting for a new operating system. It has a touch of the sleek-ness that Apple’s operating system’s exude, while having that classical flavor in it. Besides, ‘Redwood’ may be a good name that may perhaps help in attracting more people to upgrade to it, just as we thought of Yosemite for OS X 10.10.

Just share us with your opinion in the comment area below.

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