The Best Android Data Recovery App You Need to Know

Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:49

From thousands of option sometimes it becomes really awkward to choose one thing that can bring satisfactions. It becomes same situation when you want to choose one Android data recovery app but when you see a list of apps of same category; you become really confused one at that kind of situation. Also in the market there are more fake apps than legit apps. Some developers sale these kind of apps just to make money, they have nothing to do with user’s satisfaction. What we suggest is to read reviews from internet before going to but any app. Be aware from such kind of Android data recovery apps which have any kind of malware in, while installing app when your operating system asks you that this program may harm your computer, don’t install such kind of apps in your device. Here we made a list of top legit and working data recovery app for Android which will really work for you. List is based on user satisfaction, rating and popularity. Trust with closed eyes is possible on these apps. Also consider these are free, you needed not to pay for them.

Top 6 Best Android Data Recovery App Free Download

iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

1. iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

iSkysoft Android Data Recovery for Mac(or iSkysoft Android Data Recovery for Windows) is considered to be the best software in the entire world for root Android with computer. This software has jumped on the to of the list and a lot of people take it as their first option. The ultimate users can do a lot of stud with this particular software because it is compatible with over 6000 Android devices. The consumers can root to any device running on any version of Android because this software can root to all the available devices.

Key Features of the Program

  • It is very user friendly, having an easy to use interface.
  • It provides multiple root process and recognizes your device automatically.
  • It helps support multiple file types and devices, not just the images and videos.
  • It can handle data recovery before and after rooting.
  • It is quick and efficient. It gives solution to your problem within few minutes and the results are actually worth it.
  • The data is recovered without any risk. Your data isn’t on risk and it owns policy against the risks.
Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

2. Recuva

What they claim that this program can recover every type of data like pictures, videos and executable files as well even deleted emails are also recoverable with this. Recuva is one of the best Android data recovery software specially designed to recover lost or deleted data. The easiness of using makes it the better one than other recovery app for Android. Currently this program is getting very positive reviews from its’ customer. if you don’t want to get something back, or you want to delete it permanently this program will also help you in this case.


3. EaseUS

EaseUS is being considered as the first and most famous recovery app for Android. Data recovery with this software consists only on three simple steps Connect>Scan>recover. Too easy to use probably this is the main reason why most of the people prefer to use this EaseUS to recover data from Android devices. Data recovery from SD card is also available by EaseUS. EaseUS is able to recover data even if your data lost by any kind of virus attack.

Data Recovery Machine for Android

4. Data Recovery Machine for Android

Data Recovery Machine for Android is one of the famous Android recovery app made by Recovery-Android. The features of data recovery machines are same as others, but the simple interface makes it most easy to use. Data recovery machine supports variety of Android devices including mobile phones, tablets and other Android devices. Recovery files of whatsapp which you set are received by friends is also possible with data recovery machine; probably this is the unique feature of this app. Variety of recoverable file types also make it very popular among users.

Smartphone Recovery Pro

5. Smartphone Recovery Pro

Smartphone Recovery Pro is the smart app designed and developed by Enigma, helping Android and apple users to recover lost data since 2003. The main purpose of this Android file recovery app is to restore data which was lost by system error; this is a unique feature of this app as most recovery app can’t do this they are assigned a job to restore data which was deleted accidently. Of course this app is premium and you have to pay almost 80$ to buy this app. Where you are getting unique features, there money is not a matter. This app will work on both platforms the Windows and Mac. It has only one disadvantage of this app which is s high cost that’s why it is not as popular as other apps.

Smartphone Recovery Pro

6. Samsung Mobile Phone Recovery Pro

By its name don’t get that this app I developed by Samsung developers, but this one is specially designed for Samsung devices but you can also use it with other brands. The original developer’s name is LionSea Software inc. the interesting thing about this file recovery app for Android that it will not take too much disk space; it needed only 2.5MB to install it. The major disadvantage of Samsung Mobile Phone Recovery Pro is that it can’t work on Mac this one is only designed for Windows os. So change your mind to buy this if you are a Mac user. Overall it is getting very positive rating for users.

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