"I sensed a loss of data from my SATA hard drive and could not find an appropriate reason. I do have anti-virus software installed. Can you help me with the solution wherein I can recover sata hard drive?" --- From a user.
Any SATA hard disk contains several mechanical components that operate continuously to give you the best performance. As soon as you sense the SATA drive is not functioning aptly, you tend to restart the computer and check whether the disk contains the stored data in its place. It is the major factor, which leads to further destruction of the drive, and puts oneself in a dangerous state. Operating a damaged drive leads to further impairment, making it impractical to recover data.

Part 1. How to Recover SATA Hard Drive in 3 Steps

Download iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac (or iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows). The program is an excellent solution to retrieve the lost data in three simple steps. Yes, you can get it back in just three steps due to the algorithm it uses and the options it provides.

Why Choose This SATA Hard Drive Software:

  • Capacity to identify different file formats and devices
  • Do-it-yourself probability
  • Flexible user settings
  • Preview ability

recover sata hard drive

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover SATA Hard Drive

Step 1. After installing the program, initiate the launch and from the product screen choose the file types to be recovered.

launch the program

Step 2. Connect the SATA drive to the Mac. iSkysoft SATA Hard Drive Recovery software will recognize it and will display the partitions along with the Mac partitions in a new screen. If you do not see, use the refresh icon button. From the list, settle on to the partition containing important data, and use the "Start" key from menu bar. The program will begin to scan for the deleted contents or those you wish to see. You can set this by the options provided by it within the same window.

scan the drive

Step 3. iSkysoft SATA Hard Drive Recovery will bestow the list of retrievable material arranged according to signatures. Use the preview window to see the content of a file before marking it for recovery. It will help you decide the key archives needed for the recovery. Use the left pane to mark the files, and click "Recover" from the menu ribbon to save them. Choose the saving location and wait for the process to complete. "Raw Data Recovery" consumes a litter more time than others do due to its signature scanning and retrieval method. However, you will have the highest success rate. Please be patient until it completes its process to recover SATA hard drive.

recover sata hard drive

Part 2. More Tips on SATA Hard Drive

Maxtor Hard Drive: What is SATA Hard Drive

Abbreviated as SATA, Serial AT Attachment is a bus interface that connects storage devices to the hot bus adapters. The storage devices include optical drives, solid-state drives, and hard disks. The advantages include reduction in the cable size and increase in the data transfer speed. The high rate of success was possible because of efficient I/O queuing protocol. SATA replaced PATA or Parallel ATA technology and had 99% market share in the computer marker as of 2008.

Serial ATA International Organization issues the compatibility specifications and decides on the use of them in the market. It reviews, ratifies, and publishes several issues of specifications from time-to-time according to the development of technology.

Maxtor began its operation in the year 1982 after three IBM employees quit their job and began search for funding their company. It was in 1983 that they shipped the first hard drive. It brought the hard drive manufacturing company MiniScribe in 1990. However, things turned bad and the company’s engineering division was close to bankruptcy. Nonetheless, Maxtor fought back and delivered DSP architecture drives in 1996. It acquired hard drive division of Quantum in 2000 that have authority to use ATA/133 interface. Despite the hard vicissitudes, Maxtor closed its shop by selling it to Seagate in 2006.

SATA hard drive life expectancy:

The average SATA hard drive life expectancy is about four years. However, several factors change it like the quality of components, the brand, model, size, and interface method. It also includes the handling by the customer and operating temperatures.

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