The Best Method for Internal Hard Drive Recovery

Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:27:21

Internal hard drive possesses operating system files as well as the program files of applications installed by a user. Any disturbance to this drive could lead to several problems such as an error in loading the operating system, missing of data, corruption of a partition, or more, then you need internal hard drive recovery. It is imperative for a computer user to have prior knowledge of using a computer and treating the components with care. However, many of the users do not consider this and perform various activities without proper care. They even think that the disk that contains the data has a long life and there is no further requirement of a backup. On an average, an HDD lifespan is four years, if a user follows the instructions and cares as stated by the manufacturer. Relying solely on the HDD would be a mistake, as you could find yourself in a troublesome situation where you cannot start the computer at all, and you have confidential data on the drive.

Part 1. The Best Method for Internal Hard Drive Recovery

Recovering data from an internal hard drive is no longer a tedious procedure. In fact, you can perform it right at your home using software. All you require is the use of iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac (or iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows), which is the leading retrieval program. The justification behind its lead ahead of others is due to its elements and performance.

Why Choose This Internal Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • Identification of all the leading file formats from multiple gadgets
  • Recovery methods that have pre-settings for quick and easy recovery
  • Preview ability to showcase the content of the file
  • Customer settings for user-based action

internal hard drive recovery

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Data from Internal Hard Drive

Step 1 Install the Software

Install the software from the website on a working Mac. Connect the HDD that has the problem to it using the cable and follow the steps mentioned below. Choose the file types from the primary product window of the software.

launch the program

Step 2 Scan Lost Files

iSkysoft Internal Hard Drive Recovery will display the partitions of the connected HDDs. You will notice the external connected HDD as well. If you do not see it, use the refresh icon option. The window will show you the file system along with space. You can look for all the files or only certain file formats such as .doc, .JPEG, and so on by using the filters provided in the window. Set the parameters and click "Start".

scan the drive

Step 3 Complete Internal Hard Drive Data Recovery

You will receive the list after the software completes the scan. It will take a while, as it scans based on file signatures. The hindrance is that you will be incompetent to see the original file names. Therefore, you can click on the particular file and view the content on the preview screen. Using this opportunity, you can mark the files that are important and use "Recover" key to save them on your existing Mac.

internal hard drive recovery

Part 2. How to Fix Internal Hard Drive Not Working

1. Make sure connections are OK!

Sometimes the connections prevent a good internal HDD from functioning appropriately. If you do have knowledge about the cables, remove the cover of the computer case, and look for the cables that connect the HDD to the motherboard. Make sure that both the ends of the cables are firm. Make sure you do this after powering off the computer.

2. Is there a sound?

If you are trying to make a drive run, then listen to the sound it is making. Is it alive or dead? If you are not sure about the sounds, you can compare data provided by Data Cent. That will help you diagnosing the damage of the drive. A clicking sound could also be due to malfunctioning head, which when replaced will assist the drive function correctly.

3. Do the BIOS recognize the drive?

To pinpoint the exact damage, you can use the help of BIOS. You can use another computer to check whether the connected hard disk pops-up in the BIOS. You can access the BIOS configuration by pressing the DEL or ESC key during the system booting. Navigate through the options, which change according to the manufacturer, and see if you can notice the connected hard drive apart from the internal drive of the computer.

4. Is the circuit board broken?

There is a chance that the disk is experiencing problems because of internal or external damage. If it is an external damage to the PCB, then replacing it would solve the problem. However, specialists often warn users that swapping the PCB could ruin the drive and may result in loss of data. Make sure you choose the right path.

6. Consulting specialist

If the data in the drive is worth more than a specialist charges for retrieval of data, then it is best to pay a visit to the nearest certified recovery center and get back all the information off the disk.

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