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Microsoft has made Windows 10 the finest OS of Windows. Most Windows users would like to upgrade to the new Windows 10. But wait! There are certain limitations and issues you need to subject. Those automatic updates for Home users seems to be a major headache, but one of the biggest issues that users encounter after updating to the Windows 10 is loss of data.

The biggest loss of data will be seen in the form of software losses. For example, the Windows 7 desktop gadgets, Windows Media Center and the game Hearts are all expected to be shelved. Luckily, the Windows 10 upgrade will essentially reposition your C drive, which means that many files or folders from your My Documents folder or other similar folders might end up getting misplaced and end up a data loss. But you need to backup your data before upgrading to Windows 10. However, even if you forget to back up your files and misplace something important after an upgrade, all is not lost. There are a number of solutions that allow you to recover lost data from Windows 10 upgrade within minutes.

Part 1. The Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 Upgrade

iSkysoft Data Recovery is an exciting data recovery tool that makes life much simpler for you. It helps you get rid of all your data loss issues, that too across all devices. Using the software allows you to recover data from different file systems such as NTFS, Fat32, Fat16 and exFAT. It also makes it possible to recover data that was lost by because you pressed the Shift + Del buttons by mistake or accidentally cleared your Recycle Bin.

Furthermore, even if your device ends up becoming corrupt or you lose data due to invalid partitions, damaged drives or formatting, using the software still allows you to bring it all back. Using iSkysoft Data Recovery means that you can also recover all types of data, right from image, video and audio files to documents, emails and archives. Better yet, the software comes with an exciting preview and recover feature, which lets you preview your lost data, and only recover the items that you really need.

Part 2. How to Recover Files from Your Windows 10 Computers

Most Windows users have a habit of storing our commonly files and folders in My Documents in the C drive. This means that all sorts of things, right from our video and audio files to memorable photographs, from important Word and Excel documents to files and folders of personal importance, find a place here. When upgrading your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to the Windows 10 version, you might see that many of these files end up getting misplaced after you install the new Windows OS. This is where iSkysoft Data Recovery come into the picture. You can easily use these programs and recover all lost files and folders so that you don't have to end up losing valuable data simply because you just upgraded your Windows! Here’s a quick guide on how to recover lost files from your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1 Select a Recovery Mode

Install the Windows 10 data recovery software on your PC after downloading and launch it. The software offers four different recovery modes to choose from, out of which you should always select the Wizard Recovery mode, for it offers the simplest solutions (advanced users can go for other options as well, depending on the recovery requirements). All you have to do is answer two simple questions, and you'll be done with recovering your data. Click on the "Next" button after selecting the "Wizard Recovery" mode.

windwos 10 data recovery

Step 2 Choose File Type and Destination Folder

The next thing to do is select the file types you wish to recover. The software lets you select specific file types that you're looking for to save valuable time and make the process simpler and faster. If you'd rather search for all file types, simply select the "All File Types" option. Click on "Next" when you're ready.

The next step involves answering the question "Where did you lost your files". Choose the right option (C Drive in case of loss due to Windows 10 upgrade). Click on "Next" when you're ready.

choose lost data from windows 10

Step 3 Recover Data from Windows 10

The last step is to simply click on "Start" to kick-start the search and recovery process. Once the scan is complete, the software will show you all files that can be recovered. You need to mark the files that you want to recover and click on the Recover button.

Note: It helps to click on "Enable Deep Scan" to enjoy better and more comprehensive scanning results. However, a deep scan might take more time to complete.

recover data from windows 10

I just upgraded my laptop and found that a few of my audio files became corrupted. I don''''t know if the software can handle this, but I am running it now with high hopes! I use this software at work and it does miracles, I hope it can do the same while I am at home.

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