How to Edit Videos with GoPro Studio

How to Edit Videos with GoPro Studio

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By Elva | Jun 21,2018 15:48 pm

GoPro Studio is an effective video editing software for the nemesis GoPro cameras although the latter camera is not requisite. It’s made up of super clear easy to use yet functional interface coupled with excellent assortment of capabilities. Ranging from the super cool templates to the eye-catching effects, ability to speed up /slow down footage, sync an impeccable soundtrack to your curated video, along with more other features for your video to be more fascinating. GoPro is no doubt a smashing must-have video editor across diverse usage to have your video edit in a professional way. Standard version is the coolest stand-alone patch which GoPro studio proffer to grant you right to experience superb video edit antecedent to paying for premium or professional studio version.

Part 1. Detailed Guide to Edit Video using GoPro Studio

Prior to getting started with fascinating editing of your video files with GoPro studio, transfer your files and save on a convenient location then download compatible version with your pc and install.

Step 1. Import Video Files

Click on the programs icon to open the main interface and tap the “IMPORT NEW FILES” button at the top left corner of the screen to open the file explorer window. Select the respective files from their save locations and click “Open”. To import multiple files, simply click the files of interest while holding the Ctrl button before finally hitting the “Open” button.

gopro studio video editor

Step 2. Perform Rough Video Edit

Before moving to the actual editing options, it is important that you perform rough video editing to remove junky in the raw footage. To do so, simply click on the thumbnail on the left part of the screen to add to the preview window. Hit the “Play” button and identify the desired parts for trimming using the cursor. Hit on the “Trim” button.

gopro studio editing

At this step you can adjust the videos aspect as per your need within the "ADVANCED SETTINGS" window displayed upon clicking the “ADVANCED SETTINGS” button. If you wish to retain this setting for your next project, just check the "REMEMBER SETTINGS" options.

Adjust directory by just clicking on “CHANGE DIRECTORY” button and select your convenient save path for your edited video.

how to edit with gopro studio

Hit the “ADD CLIP TO CONVERSION LIST” button and repeat the same procedure for other clips. Finally, click the “CONVERT ALL” button and then “PROCEED TO STEP 2” once the conversion is complete.

how to edit non gopro footage in gopro studio

Step 3. Precise Editing

Before editing your videos, you are required to create a timeline. Select and drag the clips in the order you want them to appear into the empty timeline at the bottom of the “Edit” window.

Once the videos have been dragged into the Timeline, you are now free to perform video editing of your choice. You can now perform precise trimming, split your videos, create slow motion scenes, add subtitles, add transitions, and add title screens among others.

gopro studio edit

Step 4. Export

Click on the export button located at the top right corner of the preview window. A drop-down menu will open where you are prompted to select the output format and subsequently its quality in the second drop-down menu. Finalize by clicking on the “Export” button sectioned on the bottom of the latter menu.

gopro studio edit software

Part 2. Best GoPro Studio Alternative - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is an agile all-in-one editing tool with vast great features for basic and advanced editing of video files with commendable outcome. The tool is custom-made to ensure tranquil and definitive video editing experience for users. The array of magnificent editing tools simplifies video editing and makes it quite fascinating. The well designed clear and straightforward interface ensures ease of navigation. Therefore, no expertise is required for seamless video editing. This program is available for windows and Mac operating system as well as several popular devices.

editing with gopro studio alternative
  • Filmora supports approximately all hot and popular video formats and enables you to export your video file in the custom video formats which include, DVD formats, HD among more others.
  • This software is sufficiently supplied with creative features to enhance your videos attraction which include ability to add overlays and filters.
  • In addition to basic video editing features, advanced features like green screen, video stabilization, and scene detection among other features are integrated in this program that translates into unmatchable video editing experience.
  • This program supports editing and exporting video files in high quality resolutions of up to 4k.
  • With this program, you can import your favorite clips directly from social platforms such as Facebook with ease.

How to Edit GoPro Videos using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import GoPro video files

Transfer GoPro video clips to your computer and choose appropriate save location. To get you started, launch Filmora video editor in your PC. On the programs’ primary window, click on the “Import” button to open the file explorer window. Here select the respective GoPro video files from their save location and click on “Open” button. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop your files to User’s Album.

gopro studio editing software alternative

Step 2. Edit video clips

To merge video clips is the simplest editing task for you, drag video clips from the User’s Album in the order you want them to occur on the final file and drop them in the timeline. It will be one file at the moment you export them.

alternative to gopro studio edit software download

To trim video clips drag the video file from the User’s Album and drop on the timeline. Move the cursor either at the beginning or the end of the video clip until trim icon appears. Move it backward or forward to trim the end or fore part of the video.

how to edit photos in gopro studio alternative

Also, to split, while your video is still on the timeline, move the cursor to the point on the video you desire to cut then right-click and select “Split”. Alternatively, you might as well click on the scissor icon situated just above the timeline.

gopro studio editing tips

There are other several editing options like adding transitions, add styles, and add overlays among others. Choose the desired edit option and simply follow the on-screen instructions.

gopro studio alternative

Step 3. Export edited video files

When you are fully satisfied with the video edits, simply navigate to the “Export” button at the top of the program’s interface. Select “Create Video” from the sub-menu to display the output window. Choose your preferred file format under the “Format” tab, select a convenient save path, adjust the resolution if necessary and finally hit the “Export” button. The program would immediately commence creating your edited videos. Once completed, navigate to the very path you provided to locate your newly created video.

gopro studio editor alternative

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