The Best Zar Data Recovery for Mac Alternative

Are you searching for an alternative software to Zar Data Recovery for Mac? Zar Data Recovery don't have Mac version, we can provide you a similar software
Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:11

Zar Data Recovery is recovery software that is capable of retrieving data from corrupted, damaged, or erased partitions of a hard drive and external memory units. With the guidance of the software, it is easy to get back the lost or deleted content from a disk. However, there are some restrictions on it and not anyone can use the program. A major hurdle is its inability to function on a Mac system. In this post, we will present the details of the best alternative to Zar Data Recovery for Mac.

Part 1. The Best Zar Data Recovery for Mac Alternative

zar data recovery mac alternative

Data recovery has been a long stand operation since the invention of hard drives and memory units. Previously, there was a need for recovery specialist to obtain lost data even due to a logical problem. Thankfully, you do not have to attempt such a task, as you can recover data right at your home with the help of Recoverit for Mac. The recovery program functions effectively due to the incorporation of robust algorithms and scanning technologies, which are capable of retrieving maximum data from a damaged disk.

Why Choose This Alternative Software to Zar Data Recovery for Mac:

  • Innovative recovery modes, identifies and recovers any file
  • Saves scan information and support selective file type search
  • Safest and fastest retrieval – scan, preview, and recover. Single click resume and stop functionality
  • Validates a file as good and bad before recovery and recovers with original names and paths

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Lost Data

Step 1. Install the Program

Download the executable file and install it by dragging the file to the Applications folder. When you run the program, the following product window appears that displays the innovative file type options offered by the program. Select the types for your lost data, as it helps in recovering accurate lost data due to accidental deletion, corrupted data, and contents of a damaged disk.

launch the program

Step 2. Find Lost Data

Upon choosing this mode, the program will open a new window, where it will display the drive partitions. If the table is blank, press the "Refresh" at the right side of "External Removable Device". Now, to begin data recovery, choose a partition and click "Start" from the menu bar.

Step 3. Restore Lost Data

Recoverit will scan the selected partition. Once complete, it will show the recoverable content in a new window. It arranges the files according to the type and path. You can select a file to see its content in the preview window. Use this feature to pick up relevant files rather than entire content from the partition. Mark in the checkbox and press "Recover" button. A pop-up window appears asking you to pick the saving folder. Navigate to an external drive and select "OK" to begin the recovery process.

zar data recovery mac alternative

Part 2. Troubleshooting on Zar Data Recovery

1. Zar Data Recovery lacks the important element – selective file search. The absence of the feature makes it difficult for a user, as they have to download all the files and then search for important documents. The process is time-consuming and creates frustration for those who are looking for a faster and easier solution to recover data.

2. The second trouble that a user faces is the program’s inability to display a preview of the content. Displaying partial content of a file makes it easy for a user to consider files as important or unimportant. The process makes a recovery easy and fast. Many recovery tools provide the facility.

3. Saving scan information is absent in Zar Data Recovery. It is common that we search for data and try to recover at that instance. However, those who are in a rush or do not have the needed time to carry out a complete recovery will face the trouble of using the program to its full potential. Other recovery tools, such as Recoverit, provide the option of saving the scan information. With this, a user can carry the recovery process the next time they run the program, skipping the scanning process and heading directly to the retrieval procedure.

4. Deep Scan technology helps in recovering data from a formatted hard disk or partition. The absence of the feature in Zar could make it troublesome for a few who are looking to get back as much content as possible for a damaged disk.

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