Top 5 Alternatives to Senuti on Windows 10

Senuti is an excellent product that allows you to transfer songs from your iPhone, essentially any major Apple device, back into your PC. Here are 5 Senuti alternatives on Windows 10.
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:19

Why Did I Fail to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac Using Senuti?

Senuti is an excellent piece of software that allows you to transfer songs from your iPhone or iPod, essentially any major Apple device, back into your Macintosh computer. It is an incredibly useful software program that has become the average Apple user’s favorite software quite quickly considering how young the software yet is. However, if your Mac runs on Windows you will notice that Senuti will not work on your computer. That is because it is designed to work exclusively with Mac OS, and so will not run on the Windows operating system. Hence, if you are using a Mac with the brand new Windows 10 you will be unable to use this software.

Top 5 Alternatives to Senuti for Windows 10

#1. dr.fone

The first thing you will notice about this excellent software is that its interface is gorgeous. Designing attractive interfaces is, perhaps, what dr.foen does best. Although it is quite well-known for its video converters, dr.fone’s foray into the world of file backups for Apple products has yielded excellent fruit. dr.fone is intuitive with a gorgeous interface and the best part about this app is just how easy it is to use. Every activity in this app involves simply basic logic to accomplish. There are no unnecessary complications that you have to work through.

senuti alternatives for windows 10

#2. Sharepod

Sharepod is an excellent little software that is actually very efficient at keeping a log of the files that you were transferring and accomplishing the transferring process in an efficient manner. It keeps a backup of your files on your computer and even syncs with iTunes automatically! Sharepod has a lot of functionality as well, allowing you to create playlists and save artwork as well. So much functionality is also coupled with the fact that its interface is really very good comes together to make Sharepod one of the best software programs of its kind out there.


#3. CopyTrans Manager

Quicktime is often considered to be the sole property of Apple and Apple products. However, Quicktime has long been considered an excellent media player for Windows as well. It also supports a wide range of files, and has the added advantage of supporting connectivity with Apple products as well, although its interface is a little chunkier than that of the VLC multimedia player.

copytrans manager

#4. aTunes

The rather tongue in cheek name gives aTunes an air of informality and casualness that belies its status as a veritable behemoth in the world of iTunes alternatives. With a name so close to iTunes, the developers were trying to imply that the software shares a lot of functionality with the original iTunes and this is actually true. The interface, the functions, the way everything works, all of these things are very similar to how they are in iTunes. This makes this software a huge boon for iTunes users looking for an alternative who are just so used to the original software that nothing else will do!


#5. i-FunBox

This software is somewhat different from all of the other software products on this list. Its interface is minimal to put it mildly and it has few special features. However, the singular task that it has been created for it fulfills with the utmost efficiency: turning your iPhone into a USB that must be backed up!


Why Choose dr.fone

Transfer Media Files Copy Files to iDevice Convert Files for iDevice Manage iDevice Files

Transferring media files from iDevice to the computer using the dr.fone is so simple. The intuitive interface of the software helps you finish the transferring task without encountering any difficulty. Users can transfer music, playlists, videos, and photos etc from iDevices to the computer.

Copying media files from PC to iDevice is another task that users can perform on dr.fone. Users are allowed to copy their music, photos, playlists, videos, and audiobooks to iPhone, iPod or iPad.

dr.fone converts various media files into formats that are supported by iDevice in simple steps. The program will automatically detect the format of your media files and convert them into formats that fit the iDevice.

Managing photos, videos, music and other media files with iSkysoft dr.fone is extremely simple. Users can find the managing options, such as building a photo album or a new playlist in the main menu easily.

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