Top 10 Best Free Photo Booth Apps for iPhone

Top 10 best free photo booth apps for iPhone for you to choose from to make your selfies unique, interesting and attractive!
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:18

These days it is very common seeing people taking pictures wherever you go. Men and women have almost become obsessed with taking selfies. If you are one of those people who like taking interesting and funny selfies, then you are lucky that you have come across this article. We will present you top 10 best free photo booth apps for iPhone that will make your selfies interesting and unique!

1. CamWow

photo booth iphone

CamWow is an iPhone app which has 4.5 rating on iTunes. This app allows you to apply all kinds of effects to the camera raw photos. You will have loads of fun while choosing the perfect filter for your photo! In addition, CamWow supports both front and main camera capturing. Once the image is edited, you will be able to share it directly with your friends on Facebook or Emails.

Download CamWow >>

2. InstaHairColor

photo booth for iphone

Did you ever wonder how would you look like if your hair had different color? Well, now you can find out with InstaHairColor. This interesting photo booth app has streamlined interface and highly customizable tools which allow you to color your hair in a couple of seconds. Why don’t you try going black from blonde? Or maybe even see how would you look like with purple highlights?

This app allows you to color your hair, lowlight it, highlight and even bleach. Photo trimming and alignment tools are also included. Your new hair color can be shared directly to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. This app is rated with 3.5 stars.

Download InstaHairColor >>

3. FatBooth

iphone photo booth

FatBooth is one of the most popular and top rated applications on iTunes. This app allows you to see how you would look like if you put on a couple of pounds. You can take the photo directly from the camera, or choose one of the photos from your library. No internet connection is needed.

Face detection and auto-cropping make the editing easier. You can shake your phone to see the editing effects and save your photo once you are done. FatBooth allows you to share the new you directly via MMS, Twitter, Facebook or email.

Download FatBooth >>

4. Insta Booth

photo booth iphone app

With Insta Booth combining and taking photos has never been so fun! You can add filters directly while taking a photo, or simply edit pictures from your library. Insta Booth has more than 130 filters and packs such as Glamour, Black & White, Sepia, Vintage, Portrait, Scenes, Hues, Sketch, Pop-art and Toon. Funhouse mirrors filters will make everyone burst out laughing.

Editing features are very easy to handle, and photo frames can compose up to 6 photos. After you have created the perfect picture, you can upload it directly to Picasa, Facebook, Flick or Twitter.

Download Insta Booth>>

5. Geek Booth

photo booth iphone

The word geek does not always have to be insulting. It can be fun too, with Geek Booth!

This amazing app with powerful detection tools will allow you to add braces to your teeth, acne on your face, and even typical glasses for geeks. In addition, the intensity of acne can be controlled through a simple slider.

Support the geeks from all over the world by using Geek Booth, and become a part of Geek Pride Manifesto by sharing the photos directly via Twitter, Facebook or Email!

Download Geek Booth >>

6. PiciBooth

photo booth for iphone

Why would you and your friends cram up in a photo booth, when you can take amazing selfies with PiciBooth!

PiciBooth will help you relive those days when you were taking pictures in photo booths. Different backgrounds and amazing effects will make your photos seem like they have just come out of a photo booth. All the fun memories of your old school photo booths are packed up in this free app for your iPhone.

P.S. Once you are done you can save your photo to your camera roll (duh!), share it directly via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Email. If you want to be fancy you can even print out these photos and send postcards directly from the app!

Download PiciBooth >>

7. Plump&Skinny Booth

iphone photo booth

Gaining or losing weight can be so hard. If you are dissatisfied with the way you look in your selfies, then simply take things into your own hands and change that forever!

Plump&Skinny Booth is a free app which iPhone users rated with 4.5 stars. It allows you to find out how would you look with both plump and skinny figure. You can add even bellies!

To achieve your transformation you can take pictures directly with your iPhone camera, or choose a photo from your library. The transformation process is instant and no internet connection is required.

Download Plump&Skinny Booth >>

8. AgingBooth

photo booth iphone app

Are you afraid of getting old? Do you wonder how will you look like? AgingBooth will answer all of your questions. This app can be fun and scary at the same time! You can take photos directly, or choose the ones from your photo library or even Facebook.

The transformation is instant and you are able to see the before & after photo by shaking your iPhone.

Download AgingBooth >>

9. UglyBooth

photo booth iphone

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you had an opportunity to play Ugly Betty? Well, UglyBooth will answer all of your questions. Transform your face entirely with a few simple taps and let your friends have a good laugh. Or maybe prank them and edit their picture so you can have a good laugh. The possibilities are endless with this app with top ratings.

Download UglyBooth >>

10. MixBooth

photo booth for iphone

What would you look like in someone else’s skin? Hmm, let’s see how you would look like if you mixed your face with your favorite celebrity! MixBooth will do all the magic for you!

You can have endless fun by looking at these funny pictures and making your friends guess who you mixed yourself with. This app is not too good to be true, and the 4.5 rating proves it!

Download MixBooth >>

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