Is it possible to transfer songs and videos from iPod Classic to Mac???

iPod classic has the biggest capacity among all iPods, and the new iPod classic's capacity reaches whopping 160GB. Bought an iPod classic, you might have tremendous songs and videos on it. If your computer crashed or you deleted some songs and videos in iTunes library accidently, you might want to copy songs and videos from the iPod classic to your computer. However, soon you'll find that iTunes doesn't help as all, because it only copies iTunes Store purchased songs back to iTunes Library, not these you shared from friends and downloaded from apps or Internet. Now let's get start the theme: transfer songs and videos from iPod Classic to Mac!

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Transfer iPod Music/Videos/Photos to Mac and iTunes - iSkysoft Transfer

Best iTunes companion to copy songs, playlists, videos and photos from iPod to computer and iTunes Library!

  • 1 click to copy songs from iPod classic to iTunes library without duplicate;
  • Copy selected songs and playlists to iTunes Library;
  • Transfer songs, playlists, videos, and photos to computer;
  • Sync songs, playlists, videos and photos from computer to ANY iPod without erasing any data;

Below is the step by step tutorial about how to transfer songs and videos from iPod Classic to Mac.

Step 1: Launch iTransfer and then connect iPod Classic to your Mac:
After you connect your iPod Classic to your Mac, this application can detect your device and show your device information as below.

transfer songs from ipod classic to mac

Step 2: Copy Music/Videos from iPod classic to Mac:
You're capable of transferring selected music and videos from iPod classic to Mac as well. Click either "Music" or "Videos" to enter the file management window. Next, check wanted songs or videos and click "Export" > "Export to Mac".

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Optional: Backup songs and videos from iPod Classic to iTunes Library directly:
Note that iSkysoft Transfer can not onlu help you transfer songs and videos from iPod to Mac, it can also copy music and videos from your iPod classic to iTunes library directly. You're just need to click "Rebuild iTunes Library" tab in the main window. After clicking it, you can see the software will scan your iPod for media files, letting you select file types to transfer. Select wanted files and click "Start Transfering".

transfer video and songs from ipod classic to mac

How do I transfer and ipod classic (model MB754LL) audio and get the music to an android telephone?
The best thing I''ve tried is to download iTools their you can add and transfer your musics videos etc. in your computer...
Georgae, that only works for iTunes purchases and John ablve already covered that
Hi Charlie, to transfer more content, please purchase and upgrade it to the full version. Thanks.
The free version only let me transfer 20 songs over.
Brian Fisher
Hi Chanie, Please update to the latest version. It can work well with iPod Classic. Please have a try.
You wrote that this supports iPod classic, when in fact it doesn't. Please adjust your title. Its rude to be misleading.
Brian Fisher
Dear Customer, we will have an update version in a few days later. Please wait for it.
These programs don't seem to be compatible w my iMac 10.8 Snow Leopard. Is there any other programs that would support it? Thanks.
PerthMac, surely, it can transfer music or video from your iPad, iPod, iPhone to Mac conveniently.

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