2 Tips on How to Auto Backup Android

Adam Cash updated on 2022-06-13 09:57:17

Photos are not mere images. These are actually the precious moments that are to be collected to make up the memories. It is therefore advent that these are to be saved so that there is never an issue to lose them at all. In this tutorial the top ways to make auto backup Android happen will be discussed in great detail. The processes that are mentioned here are the ones which are embedded with screenshots. It will therefore allow the users to follow the processes with great ease and satisfaction. It will also allow the users to overcome the issue that is related to normal or third party backup apps.

Part 1: How to Auto Backup Pictures on Android

For Android auto backup photos phenomenon it is advised to use the Picasa application that will get the work done with ease. One of the most important points in this regard is to understand that Google has discontinued Picasa, it has been replaced by Google Photos. In order to use the Picasa it is advised to all the users to relate the processes to Google photos as Picasa upload is not possible through android devices that are launched recently. The process that is to be followed to use auto backup Picasa Android has been listed as below.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Auto Backup Pictures on Android

Step 1. Open the Google photos app that was formerly known as Picasa.

open Picasa

Step 2. At the top left corner the menu is to be pressed.

press menu

Step 3. Within the menu press the Settings tab, within the Settings there is an option of backup. Click it, alternatively it can also be accessed from the Google Settings once the app has been installed.

click Google Photos Backup

Step 4. The backup is to be toggled on, once it has been done all the photos on the device will automatically sync with the Google account or Google photos. This also completes the process in full.

toggle on the backup

Part 2: How to Use Google to Auto Backup Android

Simply Google refers to the Google drive app that can be used to backup photos. In this section the complete process of uploading or in other words creating backup of the photos present on the android device will be mentioned with complete details. Each and every step is embedded with screenshots to make the process clear to the users who are novice. It will also allow them to apply the same process if there is a next time.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Google to Auto Backup Android

Step 1. After installing the Google drive app, the icon showing "… " at the right top corner is to be pressed to begin the process.

tap the icon

Step 2. Choose the new option to proceed in this regard.

choose the new option

Step 3. Choose upload from the interface that appears next.

choose upload from the interface

Step 4. Choose the gallery as the photos are mostly placed there by default.

choose the gallery

Step 5. The file can be seen in the basic or the root drive.

the file can be seen

Step 6. In the notification area the user can see the uploading process.

uploading process can be seen

Step 7. Once the process has been completed the user can see the picture in the drive app. This also completes the process in full.

auto backup android

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