Top 10 iPhone Contacts App

Adam Cash updated on 2022-06-13 09:57:11

The contacts application is at the core of your iPhone since many of us do not memorize phone anymore. The iPhone contacts app is a crucial tool for keeping touch with family and friends through phone calls, texts, and emails. A whole host of applications on the Apple’s App Store can help you turn a disorganized mess of contacts into a perfect address book. With the right app for your iPhone, you can spend less time looking for your contacts. Here are the top picks.

Part 1: Top 10 iPhone Contacts App

Simpler Contacts

1. Simpler Contacts

There is a free version for this app but if you desire more features you’ve to purchase the paid version for $4.99. Just like its name, it is simple to use. Once, you get all your contacts imported to Simpler Contacts, you can quickly start searching through them, removing duplicates and creating groups of people to send group texts to. Moreover, the app’s filters are handy when you are trying to find a particular contact or when having a look at the upcoming birthdays. The app also allows you to backup and export your contacts to a variety of services. So if you cease using this app, it is easy to import your contacts elsewhere.


2. Addappt

The app is free. Addappt has one goal; to keep your contacts up to date. If your address book has many outdated phone numbers or emails, Addappt promises to fix that. You just have to download the app and connects with your friends and other professional contacts who are also using Addappt. The make changes on the contact information, including phone numbers, social profiles, job title and email address, are automatically synced to your iPhone.

myPDV iContacts Sync

3. myPDV iContacts Sync

The app is free. myPDV iContacts Sync helps in securing and syncing your contacts. Once your download the application it directly stores all your contacts on This site allows you to restore your deleted or lost contacts. MyPDV iContacts can be synced to your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account. Moreover, the application gives you reminders and notices of the recently added contacts so that you can group or prioritize them.


4. Cloze

This app takes a look at your Facebook, phone, and email contacts, so you only have one place to find all your contacts. Connect all your accounts and Cloze does the rest. After the app has access to everything, you can begin using it. It also uses all your interaction to see who you contact most.


5. FullContact

This app lives up to its name and offers a full-featured contact list. You can add different emails, numbers and a profile photo for each of your contacts. FullContact allows you to tag all your contacts so that you can search them by various groups. If you connect with Twitter you can see their recent tweets. Full contact keeps all your contacts in one place.

Power Contacts

6. Power Contacts

The price is $3.99. Power Contacts is an application built for professional aid. The app allows you to import and export contacts, categorize, add information, create follow-ups and store contacts. The application also enables you to restore a deleted or lost contact from the trashcan. It also adds necessary information regarding a contact in your calendar. You can import contact by scanning signature or business cards. The application also allows you to send email and texts in one go.


7. Sync.ME

Sync.ME keeps tries to keep to your contacts management a simple task and pulling your contact information from your Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ accounts to keep your contacts automatically updated with latest profile photos. Sync.ME also includes other features such as birthday reminders, photo sharing, and a digital gift card generate that you can use to send greetings to your contacts. The app also helps you connect will all your contact lists and avoid spam calls.


8. Connect

The app is free. Connect keeps all your contacts within simple reach, with fast swipe-driven controls to easily send out calls, messages, add new contacts or remove them from a list. Additionally, Connect can swiftly create custom groups, allowing you bundle together contacts into professional contacts, family, friends and much more. It also enables you see your friends on a map and know exactly where they are.


9. CircleBack

The app is free. CircleBack allows you to keep your address book clutter free. The app analyzes your contacts list to find missing information and duplicates then gives you simple ways to fix them. This app comes with a few extras such as a tool to create new contacts from an email signature. It allows you to add your social and email accounts to automatically import contacts.

Fast Contacts

10. Fast Contacts

The app costs $0.99. Fast Contacts allows you to add themes to your contacts to make it look attractive. It also allows you to exchange information by exporting contacts via email or SMS. The application also lets you flip through your contacts like screenshots. It reads notes attached to it, so you’ve all the crucial information you need about a particular content.

Part 2: Troubleshooting on Using iPhone Contacts App

    Contact app disappeared? How to get it back.

  • Solution: An app cannot automatically delete itself. You may have moved it onto a screen or into a folder. Utilities is a common folder for it to disappear into. Check all your folders and screen and do the search in Spotlight, it will tell you if the application is still on iPhone. If you find it in your folder or your screen, press the icon till it wiggles and then drag it back to where you want it to be.
  • iOS spotlight search not working.

  • Turn off all Spotlight switches; Preferences > General > Spotlight
  • Do a hard reset by pressing & holding the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.
  • Hold the buttons till the screen goes black, and you let go when you see the Apple logo.
  • After the restart, turn on contacts switch in Preferences > General > Spotlight
  • It takes a while for the Contacts to show in Spotlight search
  • Then turn on the other Spotlight switches after the Contacts app start
  • Open your contact application and tap your own contacts. Groups will display on the top left. Then tap Groups in the top-left corner and then Hide All Contacts or show all contacts. Tapping toggles back and forth between two options. Your iOS may have defaulted your option to Hide All which may be the only issue.

  • Tap Show All Contacts
  • Try showing only iCloud contacts, not Facebook contacts.
  • Contacts empty on iPhone

  • Go to iCloud on your iPhone and set Contacts to off. You will choose the option "Delete from My iPhone". Tap on this option then re-enable contacts, and your contact list will be synchronized back from iCloud.
  • Make sure you are viewing All Contacts in the Contacts app. Sometimes you can select an empty group as your default view.
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