Top 5 iPhone Music Player for Android

Here are top 5 best iPhone music player for Android, and you can follow this article to download top 5 iPhone music player for Android.
Adam Cash updated on 2022-12-22 16:50:24

The number of music players on the market today is on the rise. As the phone technology keeps evolving, phone apps are emerging at a rapid speed too. New and enhanced apps, software and programs are developed and released on the market to improve the phone user experience. As at now the numbers of music players on the market are uncountable.

Every person wants his or her device to have the best music player for the best music experience. Whether it is an Android device or an iPhone, the quality of music played will depend on the type of the music player installed. Today the market has been flooded with lots of music players from which you can choose the best for your model. For quality and improved music playing experience, you need a dedicated and an advanced music player. In this article, I will cover the top five iPhone music players for Android.

Hi music

1. Hi music

Hi music is a very cool music player. It gives the user exciting iPhone user experience and android capability in an android phone. It is by far the best music iPhone music player that supports Android as well. It is available on the Google play store. It comes with an option to play music from the lock screen that is similar to that of iPhone 5 Lock Screen. Hi music player supports all the features available on the iPhone music app. Also, it supports seamless playback play queue management, group browsing, music playback controls, and playback widget. Other features supported by this app include sharing via email and Bluetooth, ability to edit mp3 tag, equalizer as well as swiping to switch to the next song.

Pandora Radio

2. Pandora Radio

Pandora music player gives the user the ability to plug in an artist or the title of the song from which the app creates a radio station with similar music. I guess this is the music player you need in your party or while driving to work. The better part of this music player is that it can recognize the kind of music you want. For instance, if you Up vote or down vote certain songs, the app, from that point onwards, will start to learn the kind type of music you want and provide you more that kind. With Pandora Music player, you can make as many stations as you would like for any activity and access variety of music from a huge music library. The bottom line of this app is that; it can play without Wifi, creates playlists for you, and has a good library of music.


3. iHeartRadio

Like Pandora, iHeartRadio music player gives you the opportunity to listen to the custom playlist based on the artist or song title. You can also opt for live radio. By inputting your favorite music taste, the app will do the rest for you. It will find suggestions that similar to your music taste and preference. Also, even if you move away from your city, the app gives you an opportunity to search your favorite radio station by searching by city. With iHeartRadio, yu can listen to live radio at any time of the day. There is no subscription needed for this app.

Spotify Music

4. Spotify Music

Spotify gives its users a great way to share what they are listening to friends. You can connect with Facebook, and the app will automatically post what you have been listening to. You can also opt to keep some of your selection private. With Spotify, you can access lots of libraries from your favorite musicians or find playlists based on your mood or music taste. You can use this app for free on your computer or pay a little subscription fee to use it on your phone with no adds.


5. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the hottest iPhone music players for Android. It combines a music streaming service with social media. It gives you an opportunity to browse new and original artists’ songs or listen to your favorite songs. Also, you can follow your favorite artists, follow certain songs or even comment how you feel about the song. If you are a music artist, you can use this app to find your favorite bands and playlists. The better part of soundCloud is that it allows anyone to upload their music. Therefore, you can find any song from any artist here be it local, small or an international artist.

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