How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

It has become possible to transfer data from iPhone (iPhone X) to Android including apps, music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, calendar, and more.
Adam Cash updated on 2022-06-13 09:57:43

When switch from iPhone to Android, you might find it is complicated to transfer data from iPhone to Android. Android phones come with great hardware and pack with excellence software, so you would like to give up iPhone and turn to the Android phone. In the past days, it did require certain technical proficiency and usage information for iPhone to Android transfer. While today, it has become possible to have music, photos, videos, contacts, messages and calendar, to be transferred from iPhone 6S to Android quickly and painlessly. Below we will show you top 6 easy ways to transfer everything from iPhone to Android.

Part 1: How to Transfer Everything from iPhone to Android in one click

The best way to transfer data from iPhone to Android is utilizing the MobileTrans for Mac ( or MobileTrans for Windows), which is an excellent iPhone to Android transferring tool.

iphone to android transfer tool

Key Features of iSkysoft Phone Transfer:

  • This tool helps in transferring contents including contacts, apps, messages, call log, videos, photos and more from phone to phone in 1 click.
  • No matter what kinds of platforms like Android, Nokia, iOS (iOS 6), Symbian and BlackBerry, you are able to switch data between them freely.
  • Besides, you can backup and restore phone data with this phone to phone transfer tool.

Step by step How to guide to transfer data from iPhone to Android:

Step 1: Launch the phone transfer

First of all, launch iSkysoft Phone Transfer on Mac or Windows. And click the "Phone to Phone transfer" tab to open the data transferring window.

android to iphone transfer tool

Step 2: Connect phones to computer

Connect iPhone and the Android phone to the Computer using an USB Cable. And you can view all available data from the iPhone shown in the middle of the program interface.

connect android and iPhone to pc

Step 3: Transferring data from iPhone to Android

Select the data you want to transfer and click "Start Copy" to start to transfer iPhone data to Android.

transfer from Android to iPhone

Part 2: How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud

It is really exciting to become the possessor of a brilliant new Android phone. But, when it comes to the numberless important contacts that are safe in the previous handset, it brings before us the problem of having them all transferred safely on the new phone. It can be done manually or by downloading apps or through Gmail. However, to transfer data from iPhone to Android can be done more easily via iCloud by the following easy steps:

Step 1: The very first step is logging in the and selecting the contact option there.

iphone to android via icloud

Step 2: The first contact is selected, the ‘shift’ key is held down and the last contact is also selected. This selects the entire list. The gear in the lower left corner is clicked and Export vCard is selected. The list can be saved as ‘back up’ or any other name, preferably on the Desktop.

iphone to android via icloud

Step 3: Google Contacts is to be logged in, the ‘More’ option is to be dropped down and the ‘Import…’option is to be selected.

iphone to android via icloud

Step 4: Click “Choose file” in the dialogue box, the file saved as ‘back up’ is selected and ‘open’ option should be clicked. Finally the ‘import’ button is clicked. After a few seconds, the entire list gets imported.

iphone to android via icloud

Step 5: Then the Android phone or tablet can be connected to the Google Contacts and the list will sync automatically on it.

iphone to android via icloud

Part 3: How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to Android via Google play store

Apps from the Google Play Store have to be shopped and downloaded on the Android device. As there are only a few iPhone apps that have a perfect equivalent for Android, hence, we have to make use of the available widgets, which placed on the home screen functions effectively with all installed apps. The easy steps for downloading apps are as follows:

Step 1: Access the Google Play website

access the google play website

Step 2: Install apps

install apps

Part 4: How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android via Android Apps

The Android apps, ISMS2droid and SMS Backup & Restore make message transfer from iPhone to Android device a fun task. The easy steps are as follows:

Step 1: Extract iPhone messages

This can be done by opening iTunes and connecting the iPhone to the computer. The SMS database is copied on the internal storage or SD card of the android device.

extract iphone messages

Step 2: Convert iPhone Messages into Android format

For this the app, ISMS2droid is to be utilized. Open the app and search for the backup file containing the messages. Choose the messages that need to be converted and select to start conversion.

convert iphone messages

Step 3: Restore messages

Once the conversion is over, the second app, the SMS Backup & Restore app, needs to be downloaded. After downloading the app, click ‘restore’ to access the converted files and click ‘OK’ to start restoring.

restore messages

Find the restored messages in the message box.

find the restored messages

Part 5: How to Transfer Music and Photos from iPhone to Android

For transferring photos, videos and music from iPhone to Android follow the following steps.

Step 1: Install a compatible app.

Step 2: Connect iPhone and the Android device to the computer and export music and photos to iTunes via USB Cable.

Step 3: Redirect music and photos from iTunes to the Android device

iphone to android

Part 6: How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android

In order to sync.the Calendar from the iPhone to the Android, just follow the following easy steps.

Step 1: Open a Gmail Account

Either create a new Gmail account or open your existing Gmail account on the Android device.

Step 2: Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android

Access the phone settings and find your Gmail account. Returning to the mail settings tap the Gmail Account and switch the ‘ON’ button beside Calendar.

Your Calendar will then be successfully transferred. The transfer of any data is certainly possible with the right steps and the right tools.

access the phone settings
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