All Tips on Samsung File Transfer for PC

Adam Cash updated on 2022-06-13 09:57:22

Transferring files or any other content from a Samsung device to PC is the most convenient method to protect useful data. It also helps in backing up crucial data. At the same time, the process also helps in copying files and folders from the PC to the device with ease. Do not feel sorry or troubled that you are unable to perform Samsung file transfer for PC. You are not the only one here! People switching from a feature phone to a smartphone will always find it difficult to perform the necessary actions that establish communication between a computer and a mobile device. It becomes even more confusing if the device is running on an Android or any other mobile operating system because every operating system has a different procedure to build communication with a PC. You are at the appropriate place, as we are going to look at certain choices that give you the chance to transfer files between PC and Samsung (including Samsung Galaxy Note7) device in a few simple steps.

Part 1: How to Transfer Samsung File from PC to Samsung

Transferring files from PC to Samsung is the need of the hour. It provides the flexibility in adding different folders and data, which a user feels important. However, the important aspect of the entire moving or copying process is the ease of use provided by the medium. MobileTrans for Mac (or MobileTrans for Windows) gives you that freedom and control over the entire procedure, making it completely a unique program out there for transferring content from Samsung to PC and vice versa. And recently, Samsung is recalling every Galaxy Note7 phone because of its battery problems, if you are a Samsung Note7 user, and have exchanged your Samsung phone, you can follow these steps to restore backup files to your new phone from PC.

Key Features of iSkysoft Phone Transfer:

  • 1-click transfer allows moving of text messages, call logs, calendars, notes, media files, and much more between Android, iOS (iOS 11 supported), and Windows phone.

changing samsung

  • Helps in creating a backup of a device.
  • Helps in restoring a device from a backup.
  • Recognizes over 3,500+ networks and devices to simplify the process of transfer between devices, and between devices and a computer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer File from PC to Samsung

Step 1. Visit the official site of MobileTrans to download the software. Install the program and launch the application. You will notice the primary interface of the program appears on the screen with different choices. From the options, pick "Restore from Backup" option.

launch the program

Step 2. MobileTrans supports different methods to restore a device from a backup. You can choose phone transfer, iCloud, iTunes, Kies, Blackberry, and OneDrive.

choose restore mode

Step 3. You can restore the device using the "Phone Transfer" option in a simple method. You just need to pick the content that you need to restore and begin the process by pressing "Start Copy" button.

Samsung file transfer from PC

Part 2: How to Transfer File Between Samsung Phone

Steps to Transfer File Between Samsung Phone

Step 1. Download Samsung Smart Switch application from Google Play Store. Install the app on both the devices. Before opening the application ensure that NFC is ON. To turn on NFC, head to the settings app>more settings > NFC. For Galaxy S4 devices, you will find the option under Connections tab in the Settings app.

Samsung transfer file NFC

Step 2. Open the application and now touch both the devices at the back. You will feel the sensation of vibration, which confirms that both the devices are in contact through NFC. Tap the screen of the handset from which you want to migrate the data to set up Wi-Fi direct connection.

file transfer between Samsung

Step 3. Now make a selection of the data that you wish to transfer from one device to another. You can select everything or choose in particular such as photos, music, contacts, videos, and documents. For music files, Samsung will only perform the transaction for DRM-free files.

transfer file between Samsung phones

Step 4. Press "Transfer" on the device to confirm the transfer process to the other device. After this, allow the process to complete. The time needed to complete the method depends on the content selected and the overall size. If there is a considerable amount of data transfer, ensure that both the device have enough battery to survive the operation.

Part 3: How to Use Bluetooth to Transfer Samsung File

Steps to Use Bluetooth to Transfer Samsung File

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth by swiping the notification area on your both Samsung devices. After turning on Bluetooth, press the Settings icon at the upper right corner.

Samsung file transfer using bluetooth

Step 2. Under the settings menu, open Bluetooth.

open Samsung bluetooth

Step 3. Choose the other Samsung device from the list.

choose samsung device

Step 4. Pairing will begin, and you will notice a message asking you to confirm the connection. Press OK to accept the connection between the two devices.

connect Samsung devices

Step 5. In the next step, select the files that you would like to transfer from one device to another, and press the Share button. A sub-menu opens where you need to choose Bluetooth.

transfer file from Samsung to Samsung

Step 6. Now select the device that you want to send. In this case, it is the other Samsung device.

Samsung transfer files

Step 7. You will see the notification that the file transfer is in progress. On the device receiving the file, you need to accept the data transfer. Press Accept to save the file.

transfer samsung files

Step 8. You can see the progress in the notification bar. After file transfer completes, you can open the file to view.

view Samsung transfer files

Part 4: How to Transfer Samsung File to PC

Steps to Transfer Samsung File to PC

Step 1. Connect the Samsung device to the PC using the provided USB cable. Upon connection, you will notice the Autoplay dialogue box appearing with several options to choose. If you do not see the AutoPlay box, then you can access the folders of the phone manually by clicking the phone's icon from the computer window.

Step 2. Now open the folders or the files that you wish to transfer to the computer. Minimize the window, and then open the folder on your PC where you want to save the files. Open both the windows on the same page and drag and drop the files to the folder on the computer.

Samsung file transfer to PC

Step 3. You can carry out the process for the rest of the files that you wish to transfer. You can only select multiple files if they are within the same folder on the mobile phone. After completion of the transfer, close the folders on the computer and disconnect the handset from the USB cable. In this manner, you can have the files moved from your Samsung device to the PC.

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