How to Transfer Contacts from Symbian to iOS (iOS 11)

Want to transfer info from Symbian to iOS (iOS 11)? Here is a safe way to transfer contacts, messages, apps, music, videos, and more from Symbian to iOS.
Adam Cash updated on 2022-06-13 09:57:46

There are several reasons why a person may want to transfer data from Symbian to iOS (iOS 11 and iOS 10 included). For instance, you may have just acquired a new iPhone, and would like to transfer your contacts from your Symbian phone. Alternatively, you may want to share your Symbian contacts with a friend or colleague who is on iOS.

Whatever the reason, you need to find the simplest way to transfer information from Symbian to iOS. There are actually several ways to transfer contacts between the two platforms. For instance, you can transfer your contacts indirectly using Gmail or Outlook. However, this can be complex, lengthy and quite cumbersome.

The simplest way to transfer your contacts from Symbian to iOS is using phone-to-phone transfer software. This is basically software which is designed to simplify data transfer between devices running on different operating systems. One of the best software in this respect is MobileTrans for Mac ( or MobileTrans for Windows). It is an application designed to simplify data transfer between devices running on different operating systems. It supports phone-to-phone transfer among devices running on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Nokia Symbian.

Using iSkysoft Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer different kinds of data including phone contacts, music, photos, call history, sms text messages, videos, calendar and apps. Basically, whatever you desire to transfer from one phone to another, this application can help you accomplish it.

Symbian to ios transfer

The main features of the iSkysoft Phone Transfer are the following:

  • Cross-Platform transfer (e.g. transferring from Symbian to iOS or iOS to Android)
  • Same-Platform transfer (e.g. transferring from Android to Android or iOs to iOS)
  • Data Backup (across different platforms e.g. iTunes backup, iCloud backup, Samsung Kies backup) and Restore
  • iCloud to Android transfer
  • Permanently erasing of phone data

Steps to Transfer Contacts from Symbian to iOS

The distinguishing feature of iSkysoft Phone Transfer is its sheer simplicity. This software is extremely easy-to-use. It has an intuitive interface, and an elegant phone transfer mechanism. For instance, you can transfer data from Symbian to iOS (iOS 11) in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install the phone transfer

Download and Install the software on your PC. Launch iSkysoft Phone Transfer, you will see the home page of the application.

install phone transfer

Step 2: Connect Symbian and iOS devices to computer

Go to the “Phone to Phone Transfer” tab. This is where you will execute the transfers from. Connect your Symbian and iOS devices to your computer with USB cables. You will see your two phones with the data of source phone on the interface.

connect phones

Step 3: Start transfer data from Symbian to iOS

In the middle section, check the contents you want. Once you’ve finished selecting, click on the button labeled “Start Copy”. You will see the progress of each item you selected as it is copied. Once every item is 100%, you will have successfully transferred your info from Symbian to iOS.

transfer symbian to ios

In a nutshell, that is how to transfer you contacts from Symbian to iOS in a breeze. Therefore, if you have been searching for a simple transfer solution, now you have it. Simply download iSkysoft Phone Transfer from and follow the above steps. You will have your contacts transferred in no time.

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